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Talk me down - possible Lupus

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Mankyscotslass Fri 17-Jul-15 20:27:15

Background - DM misdiagnosed 20 years ago with arthritis, after critical flare when she was staying with me she was hospitalized and diagnosed with Lupus. She has it all - nervous system, joint pain, lung problems, heart problems, eye and skin problems, strokes, and fits. Really not well and no real quality of life, though she is a determined old bat and says they will have to shoot her. hmm grin

6 weeks ago I started with joint pain in my hands and knees.

I went to the GP today. He says because of my familial history, and I have a skin condition they have previously treated as Rosacea due to no other clinical evidence, he now wants to test again for Lupus. He says I am at the classic age range for presenting with Lupus, though he has been honest and said it may be something else - I am 44.

I'm booked in for bloods to get done in 2 weeks time - he says even if the bloods come back negative for Lupus the will test me every 3-6 months going forward - but due to the swelling and pain he thinks there is definitely something going on - and it doesn't present as Rheumatoid.

I have a strong family history of other Auto-immune conditions and Thyroid problems.

So now I am looking at my mother and freaking out. sad

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