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Hysterectomy- removing ovaries. Keep womb & cervix?

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Didly Wed 15-Jul-15 20:54:43

I'm 37 and have just been diagnosed with premature menopause.

I saw a gynaecologist yesterday for the 1st time, as I'm at increased risk of ovarian cancer he wants to remove them before I start HRT. He has asked whether i also want my womb and cervix removed.

Initially I said yes but have since read lots of horror stories online. I realise that the majority of people who have had positive experiences don't post on the Internet.

I would be very grateful of anybody's experiences. I have a couple of weeks to make my mind up.

Thank you

pinkfrocks Wed 15-Jul-15 22:39:28

Is there a connection between your prem menopause and your risk of ovarian cancer? (There isn't generally but I mean in your case.) Did you see the consultant about prem meno or ovarian cancer risk?

I always think it's worth getting more than 1 opinion for life changing decisions like this.

How high is your cancer risk and what is it based on?

Having your ovaries removed as a preventative step is a big decision and if I were you, I'd want completely convincing that it was the only sensible option - and that annual scans etc were not an option.

The downside of HRT plus having a uterus means you will need to and continue to have 'periods' to stop the uterine lining overgrowing. This may change as you become older and they may give you combo HRT which means both hormones daily and no bleeds. I have read but you'd need to ask, that younger women on HRT use the type with a bleed, even if they have prem meno.

This means you will have to take some kind of progestogen alongside oestrogen as long as you use HRT. For some women, progestogens cause PMT type side effects every month.

I can't help you on the other questions really. some people will swear that losing your cervix reduces sexual response (orgasm) whereas others find no difference.

Thymeout Sat 18-Jul-15 08:41:47

I agree with Pinkfrocks. I'd ask for a second opinion from a Gyne-oncologist.

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