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housewife19 Wed 15-Jul-15 15:56:20

Had some blood test done as I was feeling very lightheaded and tired etc. and iron results came back as anaemic.
Doctor said my level is 1.3 and extremely low with no obvious reason .
He s referred me to a consultant as an urgent case for cameras and investigations of my throat stomach intestine shock and gyni and told me not to take anything or do too much until I get some answers ,so as you can imagine im panicking confused.
What does it mean confused am I going to collapse or can I keep going on such low levels sad
Anyone have any advice

passthewineplz Wed 15-Jul-15 16:11:16

I've had very low iron levels it made me feel very tired, I had little energy, felt dizzy, light headed and had heart palpitations.

I suggest to take things very easy and rest as much as you can - if you feel really poorly or you're symptoms get worse go straight to a&e.

Low iron levels can happen for a number of reasons, and heavy periods can cause low iron levels.

As my levels were so low, I had to have a blood transfusion to bring them back to normal (it was an amazing feeling) has your GP given you any iron tablets?

housewife19 Thu 16-Jul-15 17:54:29

no he hasn't , he told me not to take any until they no what's going on. I've had them before and they make me really sick sad there doesn't seem to be an obvious reason , periods are better than ever , weights good diets good. I think that's what's worrying me most the fact that there isn't an obvious reason .
I thought I felt so crap because im peri-menopausal shock

Younique Thu 16-Jul-15 19:05:43

I have low haemoglobin due to iron deficiency anaemia. When the GP told me, she asked if I have heavy periods and I said no. She then asked me if I have noticed any unusual bleeding from anywhere. shock They still don't know the cause of my anaemia but don't seem very fussed. Are you in a high risk age group maybe?

housewife19 Sun 19-Jul-15 15:33:46

no don't think so im49yrs . I saw a consultant on Friday and he thinks its a malabsorbtion issue and is doing a camera down and a camera upshock
hes gonna put me out thank goodness, and wants to check the whole of my insides but he s taking a biopsy for coeliac ?????
If he finds nothing then ive got to see a gynaecologist .
in the meantime hes told me to take iron .sad
im tired and dizzy and very very fed up sad

GlitterTwinkleToes Sun 19-Jul-15 15:41:56

Hey housewife smile

It's a scary time but be reassured that the doctors are doing their very best for you.

I had very low iron levels in pregnancy and after, had several transfusions and B12 injections every three months. Several months ago I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease.
Has the doctor explained if they are going to do any more tests yet or are they awaiting the outcome from the hospital?

Obviously don't change anything in your diet till you get a result, but one thing that I've found is very helpful is Fluradix. Has helped keep my levels raised.

Eat regularly, keep hydrated and take good care of Yourself smile

tobee Mon 20-Jul-15 13:46:03

Fellow anaemic here! There's several types of iron supplements; different tablets and liquids as well as transfusions. Usually you take the supplements on an empty stomach but if you ask advice they can be taken with food which should combat nausea. If one type makes you feel queasy there should be others to try which will do the trick and not make you feel sick.

housewife19 Tue 21-Jul-15 15:43:12

Thanks everyone , good advice all round , I knew my mumsnet girls would be helpful wink
Can I ask GlitterTwinkleToes did you have any other symptoms from coeliac other than anemia ?

GlitterTwinkleToes Wed 22-Jul-15 21:57:54

Hope you're feeling better smile

For the past ten years or so, I've always had problems with my stomach. Fobbed off with 'its IBS' or was linked to puberty at the time (I'm 23)
I did go dairy and gluten free for a couple of years, and symptoms cleared. It was only after a difficult pregnancy, birth and post natal that they decided to do tests and i got a Postive result for Coeliac disease

housewife19 Thu 23-Jul-15 18:07:32

That's a lot to go through at only 23yr, Ive had issues with anaemia for many years and its always been put down to Gynie problems and an eating disorder, both of which im now wondering was more to do with coeliac if that's what it ends up ive got . im having cameras on the 7th Aug so I hope to be a bit more informed then .
I hope your feeling better GlitterTwinkleToes smile

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