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Type 2 diabetes

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NanaNina Wed 15-Jul-15 15:10:48

Just had an e mail from my son (aged 42) to say he's been diagnosed with "off the scale diabetes type 2 and needless to say have been googling like mad and scaring myself. Can't get hold of him on the phone (he's not in the UK) I do know people with this but I'm worrying about "off the scale" and what that means. Can anyone offer any advice/support please. I know he's a man but I'm his mom and you never stop worrying about your kids no matter how old. Thanks.

TheFuzz Thu 16-Jul-15 14:39:46

His bloods will be too high. Type two is easily controlled by diet (less carbs) and taking the tablets. Losing weight helps.

My child is Type 1.

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