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Spot/lump thing on labia. Getting anxious after googling :-(

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mintymellons Wed 15-Jul-15 14:16:26

I have a spot type thing on the inner edge of my left labia majora. It's been there about seven years and I saw the GP about it when I first noticed it. She popped it and said it was a little cyst/follicle type thing (as far as I can recall) and that was that. Fast forward to now, and I've recently become aware of it again and really stressing about it now.

It's about 3mm across, slightly raised and looks like a blood blister for want of a better description. I poked it with a sterile needle last week and it bled. It seems to be almost like an empty sac of skin but is quite dark in colour. Not at all painful or itchy and no other problems in that area.

I'm 40 years old and have two DC, both born by c section.

I'm worrying that it could be vulval cancer and have made a GP appointment to get it rechecked.

Does anyone recognise this type of thing?

stevienickstophat Wed 15-Jul-15 14:23:33

I've got one. In fact two.

Googled it, because I was anxious, and it seems it's perfectly normal to have blood blisters on your labia.

Relax. Why on earth do you think it's cancer?

FadedRed Wed 15-Jul-15 14:24:23

Sounds like a simple cyst.
Vulval cancers usually present as white 'plaques' (leukoplakia) and vulval itching and/or soreness. They are rare, and usually seen in older and elderly women.
Perfectly reasonable to get this checked out.

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