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at a loss to what to do next , GP is just not listening to me .... [sad]

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43mumof2 Wed 15-Jul-15 13:18:42

what can i do next , my GP is just not listening to me and my symptoms , saying all down to anxiety ..

TheMoa Wed 15-Jul-15 13:21:13

Change your GP?

Do you suffer from anxiety?

43mumof2 Wed 15-Jul-15 13:24:43

yes i do , mainly health anxiety , but the symptoms im feeling are real and i feel no one is taking me seriously its just awful at times

Pedestriana Wed 15-Jul-15 13:34:07

You could perhaps ask for a second opinion? Or go back to the GP and request that s/he reviews your health?
What symptoms are you experiencing?

TheMoa Wed 15-Jul-15 13:37:05

Are your symptoms obvious to anyone else?

Could you go to a walk in centre (not OOH) and see someone, just outlining your current symptoms?

Or see a GP privately, if you can afford to self fund the tests you think you need. What do you think your symptoms suggest?

SwearyGodmother Wed 15-Jul-15 13:40:08

Is there another GP in your practice you can see? Tell them that you're aware that you suffer from anxiety but you need to be listened to. Take a list of symptoms and ask that they pay attention to them properly. Even if your GP is right, it's hardly going to help the anxiety if he dismisses your symptoms as anxiety!

43mumof2 Wed 15-Jul-15 13:59:21

thank you i just feel so awful like im shouting out loud but no one is listening .
im just 43
my symptoms started Feb/March time slight fluy feeling on and off , just not feeling right ...i went to the doctors feb , with this , had all bloods done all ok apart from slightly raised white count , she said would be because i was fighting something off but qiute common , i then went back many times various doctors feling still fluy plus a kind of heat rash on my tummy , went away once i was cool ,
other symptoms i have

burning feeling on my back
achy joints
mild fluy feeling

I also suffer with IBS for many years ,
poor BM
side cramps

i went back in end april and had whole host of bloods done the lot , liver , kidney markers , all came back "within normal range"
white count ok now ,
found VIT D deficent so got tablets for that

now since then , the bloating is worse , pelvic pain like ovulation , alot of the time , specially around period , still this mild fluy feeling , burning sensation on back, rash at times on tummy goes once cool .

i also had a slightly raised CA125 blood test as did recently as i was worried about bloating and OC so i asked to be checked that set me in a spin ..but had pelvic scan , all was fine .

so now im a few weeks on and still feeling shiite ...and all they keep saying is its my anxiety ...

i currently went to see my gastrologist priviatley last week as was worried about my bowels again thinking maybe was something more going on , but he just said all my IBS , wasnt to interested but is doing a inflamitory marker test now just to be sure no inflamation so guess thats something ..

iv been to the doctors well paramedic helpers ...twice this week and each time that said nothing was ringing alarm bells to them and to take paractimol .
now i have an appointment this friday with my doctor i need to use this appointment wisely as there like gold dust cant get to see them for weeks what should be my plan of attack ??

i really like to get all bloods re testing ...possible referral but to who ?
Gastro ? neuro ? guyno ?

sorry so long thanks for listening , forgive spelling to , flowers

43mumof2 Wed 15-Jul-15 14:02:18

my anxiety is huge now and has been through out all this , so i can understand they are feed up with me , but i honestly feel awful and just want to be taken seriously and with a bit of compassion .... anxiety is a horrible illness i woldnt wish it on anyone sad

gatewalker Wed 15-Jul-15 14:03:39

It sounds like fibromyalgia. I would suggest getting a second opinion (to rule anything else out) and a referral to a rheumatologist (to diagnose/rule out fibromyalgia).

gatewalker Wed 15-Jul-15 14:05:53

Symptoms of fibromyalgia here

LIZS Wed 15-Jul-15 14:09:41

Are you getting treatment for the anxiety? I have a feeling that even if the tests were repeated and clear you wouldn't feel reassured unless it is addressed.

43mumof2 Wed 15-Jul-15 14:10:24

thats really interesting thank you , i thought was just joints , didnt realise effects alot of other areas , can you get a blood test to check ?
by doctor did do some inflamitory markers in april but i dont know what they were for , came back normal ....aparently ..

43mumof2 Wed 15-Jul-15 14:11:57

im having CBT at the moment LIZS and my doctor does want me to try some ADs but im a bit worried about trying them to be honest ..

gatewalker Wed 15-Jul-15 14:14:47

You can't get a blood test, no -- it's rather more to do with a process of elimination and then a diagnostic exercise that involves pressure points. Or that's what it used to be, anyway.

Fibromyalgia is linked with anxiety. It doesn't necessarily come with markers for inflammation, even though it falls under rheumatology.

43mumof2 Wed 15-Jul-15 14:18:32

oh ok , doubt ill fit it because of the pressure point markers , the rest seems to fit though ...

vitaminC Wed 15-Jul-15 14:24:03

All those symptoms could actually be linked to the vit D deficiency. How much are you taking? It may not be sufficient if your levels are severely depleted!
Does spending time outdoors have any impact on how you feel? A one-hour walk outside (without sunscreen) each day would help to replenish your reserves.

43mumof2 Wed 15-Jul-15 14:28:43

my level was 27 end april , went up to 56 june , but i have stopped taking them , just forget to take them , im on Fultium D3 800 iu one a day
doc said everyone dificent in vit D so not uncommon
when i asked about symptoms she just said vid can cause alot of non specific symptoms

gatewalker Wed 15-Jul-15 14:53:29

Pressure point markers are to look for pain -- sounds like you may well fit them.

43mumof2 Wed 15-Jul-15 14:57:12

maybe i will ask doctor friday , need to write a plan of what i want as , i know cant get an apoinment for weeks , specially as holiday season start

43mumof2 Wed 15-Jul-15 16:22:48

the presure points , will they hurt all the time , or is it a conbination of all the symptoms ..confusing when looking it up ..
feel so awful not sure whats going on but something is .... sad

dirtyfabulous Wed 15-Jul-15 16:24:06

43mumof2 I can really relate to what you are feeling at the moment.
I have a history of health anxiety and was hospitalized with pneumonia in May.
I've not felt myself since. I thought I was improving but I haven't really been able to breathe properly since. My bloods+ xrays are clear and I've been told its anxiety.
I've been to GP several times, I do think I'm hyperventilating but there's that element of doubt in my head that something is really wrong.
I wake up tearful and could cry my eyes out all day. I feel incredibly anxious most of the time but it all started at the same time as the pneumonia so its hard to separate the two.
I hope your GP appt goes well. I don't know what to advise other than acknowledging your anxiety to the GP while telling him your concerns are very real. If your bloods have been done and are ok why do you want those repeated?
I have gynae issues myself and if your ultrasound is clear I would really rest easy about that.
I'm learning that anxiety has horrible physical implications on your body. I hope you feel some relief after seeing your GP

43mumof2 Wed 15-Jul-15 16:33:28

thanks dirtyfab , such a help and comfort to read your post , i to am close to tears daily almost hourly , i go through waves , i just cant help but think the worst and there all missing it ...i feel awful ,
i am close to taking myself to A&E which is extreme i know and for emergencys , so i wont , but i just dont know where els to turn .
i cant afford to go private although i did see my gastro consultant for consultation last week privately as i had health care before , but we dont now , , hes doing inflamitory test so will pay for that , if it reveals anything im stuffed as i cant afford to go private ...its all a mess really

dirtyfabulous Wed 15-Jul-15 16:59:23

I also went to A&E, at that point anxiety didn't even occur to me as my symptoms were/are so terribly uncomfortable. Couldn't believe it when they said nothing was wrong.
My DH is great but doesn't understand it at all and I hate being this way, so needy.
My boys are not getting the best of me either. I was reading to them earlier and almost broke down mid story. It's not normal. Running helps but I'm starting to question if I need meds. I've never been this bad before.
I hope all goes well with consultant and hopefully you won't have long to wait for blood test results!

43mumof2 Wed 15-Jul-15 17:20:28

thanks , all sounds similar to me , i feel utterly awful , and no my DH doesnt get it at all either , i hide it all from him and friends ,
when i saw my gastrologist the other day i saw him rolling his eyes with what i was trying to say , he was dismissive of all i was saying , i explained that i felt i had a tempreture on and off , he just said... unless you have been taking your temreture with a thimomiter you really can say that , and as you havent i will disregard it as its not accurate ...he said i looked well and as no bleeding , black stools , massive weight loss , constant pain he thinks just my IBS
also the last 2 paramedics i have seen friday and monday this week , have just said nothing obviously is wrong with you , you look well , your weight is steady i cant feel anything in your tummy , so although i beleive your symptoms are real i suggest returning in a month see how things go and take paracetomol in the mean time ...
iv felt like this for months .....

notapizzaeater Wed 15-Jul-15 17:23:23

Did the doctor test for coeliac ? Might be as well keeping a food diary to see if anything is triggering it or making it worse.

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