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Night terrors? Or something - in an adult?

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crunchyfrog Wed 15-Jul-15 09:19:58

I've always been a fairly crappy sleeper, sleep lightly, bouts of insomnia etc.
I often find myself jerked out of a deep sleep, sitting bolt upright, gasping and heart hammering - as if I've just had an awful fright. Apparently I usually shout something, but have no memory of that.
This is worse at times of stress.
My BF says it scares the shit out of him, sometimes it appears to be in reaction to him coming into the room etc. Other times there is no apparent reason, so I can understand why that would be a bit odd.blush
I'm a sleep talker, too. Very entertaining nocturnal company!
Anyone else like this? Is there a way to stop it?

Becca19962014 Thu 16-Jul-15 03:36:28

I have night terrors. I wake everyone in the building, everyone really angry about it. I've not found anything helpful unfortunately, but you aren't alone.

babymouse Thu 16-Jul-15 04:37:02

I have night terrors. They started as a teenager due to a trauma and continue to this day. My triggers for them are extreme tiredness and stress. If I can manage that the amount I have are severely reduced. If not, I kind of know they are coming and I manage that way.

If you get them a lot there is medication for them.

Becca19962014 Thu 16-Jul-15 14:35:41

babymouse The medication isnt suitable for everyone though I don't think. I've multiple health problems and take a lot of meds. When I mentioned it to my GP I was told nothing could be done and the same by the psychiatrist (though the psychaitrist really didn't understand how bad it is -according to them everyone has night terrors they're just like nightmares hmm )

Can you say what the medications are that can help? I can then check them for suitability with my medications (my housing it at risk because of them as my neighbours have complained to landlord so if possible I'd like to try).

babymouse Thu 16-Jul-15 21:42:52

Honestly, I was offered an antipsychotic but I doubt they use that as treatment anymore. I think benzodiazapan is prescribed sometimes.

I have had bad runs of night terrors, but then I don't have them for ages so I personally decided bit to go the medication route. Have you tried to get a referral to a sleep clinic from your gp?

Becca19962014 Fri 17-Jul-15 01:36:28

A can't have either unfortunately. I hope you didn't mind me asking. I can't fet a referral to sleep clinic it's too far away (it was suggested for possible sleep apnoea and epilepsy).
Let hanks for the info. I'm sorry you struggle as well.

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