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Pain in ribs when breathing in

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JammyGeorge Tue 14-Jul-15 20:01:42

Woke up on Friday morning with a sharp pain in ribs on the left side/front just under the line of my bra.

At first I thought it was trapped wind or a pulled muscle and tried to ignore it. Then on Friday afternoon I started with a cold/virus thing.

By yesterday the cold had cleared up but I was really struggling with the rib pain and popped to the walk in clinic. The nurse practitioner listened to my chest and said it sounded ok and that she thought it was probably muscular.

I'm now laid in bed feeling really sorry for myself and wondering how long it should be before the pain starts to ease, at what point do I go to my gp? It hurts when I breathe deeply, cough, sneeze, sigh, yawn etc I had the hiccups last night and was rolling around in agony.

My breathing feels heavy and after just walking up a flight of stairs I'm panting and in pain but I can't work out what's going on. If it is muscular it's almost like my body knows it's going to hurt so is subconsciously breathing shallower if you see what I mean.

Anyone had anything like this? No over the counter painkillers are touching the pain it's sharp and stabby and I feel totally wiped out.

HopeClearwater Wed 15-Jul-15 00:11:18

Get a chest x-ray? Sounds rather like a collapsed lung to me (I've had many episodes of this; fixed now). Walk into A&E and give them your symptoms. They will take it seriously. Hope you are ok.

JammyGeorge Wed 15-Jul-15 07:39:53

Wow I'd not thought of that one while I've been laid wondering.

Would ooh's not have picked that up when she listened to my chest?

Last night I did some stretches then rested with heat on it and it doesn't feel as severe this morning but it is still there.

I'll give it until tomorrow and if it's still there go back to gp I think unless it feels better, surely a muscular thing would show some improvement in 7 days?

peacypops Wed 15-Jul-15 09:51:41

It could be Costochondritis - inflammation of the rib cartilage. Normally affects left hand side of rib cage. Does it hurt when you press on area as this is a key sign. I was diagnosed with this a few months back and still suffering (chest xrays, blood tests ruled out other things). From what I can gather it can be brought on my physical exertion or appear following a viral infection (cough, cold etc) It's horrid though - I think I have quite a severe case of it and nothing is really helping. If it doesn't ease in next few days I would go back to the GP and request a chest xray which would rule out any lung issues. Hope you get sorted - you have my sympathy!!

JammyGeorge Wed 15-Jul-15 10:06:32

Hi, yes it is very sore and tender to the touch not where the stabbing pain is but slightly below and more round my back which lead us to thinking it is muscular. I do get back pain on waking caused by stiffness in my joints but nothing in this area or as painful.

I also can't work out if the rib pain and head cold are related or an unfortunate coincident!

I'm gonna try and get in with a decent GP tomorrow.

Cocolepew Wed 15-Jul-15 10:18:17

It sounds like pleurisy, if it is, lying on the sore side is the best way to ease the pain.

peacypops Wed 15-Jul-15 10:21:57

Sounds like it could be costo. I get the pain radiating around to my back too. I would get to a GP and see what they think. Good luck

JammyGeorge Thu 16-Jul-15 11:03:42

Been to see the GP, I've got pleurisy!

Been given a course of antibiotics and said I should feel better in a couple of days.

The bad back was a red herring!

JammyGeorge Thu 16-Jul-15 20:29:17

Does anyone know about pleurisy?

The doctor didn't seem concerned said it was an infection in the lining of the lung, gave me amoxicillin and said I should feel better in a couple of days. He checked me all over and my oxygen sats were 100.

Everyone I've told has gone ooooo that's nasty, it takes ages to get over, my sister/friend/nana had that it's awful etc you'll be sick for weeks.

Then DH came in asking if they've done any tests saying he's been googling and it can be caused by lots of nasty things.

I'm starting to have a bit of a wobble.

Cocolepew Thu 16-Jul-15 20:40:36

I suppose it depends on the severity of the infection. I get it quite a lot but not caused by an infection, I have it at the moment.
Take anti inflammatories to help with the pain, lay on the sore side and apply heat if sore. If after the anti biotics uts still sore, go back to the dr, you might need another course.
It will clear up don't worry smile

JammyGeorge Thu 16-Jul-15 20:55:47

Thanks coco.

With having a bad back I'm sort of used to being in pain and the brufen does seem to ease it if it's bad.

Cocolepew Thu 16-Jul-15 21:13:34

The pain with pleurisy will radiate around to your back, sometimes thats sorer than the front.

JammyGeorge Thu 16-Jul-15 21:29:20

Yes my back feels like a deep ache and the fronts stabby pain if i breathe deep/cough/sneeze/yawn.

I had the hiccups the other day, it was like being stabbed, it hurt so much.

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