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Ischemic strokes - they don't always happen fast!

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Nannasylv Mon 13-Jul-15 23:02:22

I had a stroke, Jan 2015, but the staff misread the MRI scan, and thought I just had a patch of Ischemia, which was, in fact, an evolving stroke (one which slowly blooms into a fully life-changing, whole side-loss of movement, I'd never heard of it, before I had one!), which had fully developed 2 days later (plenty of time for them to have given a clot-buster - they didn't). They refused to scan again, saying that I was pretending (copying the symptoms of other stroke victims on the specialist stroke ward I was on) until a formal complaint was made, and 9 days had elapsed (during which time I got neither the appropriate medication, physio help, or personal care. I could have done more at home!

When they did the 2nd MRI, and saw the 1cm area of damage, they told the Stroke Association, who told me on day 11 (they couldn't face me themselves) when I purloined a zimmer frame, and tracked them down on their rounds, they just said "sorry, we missed it on the 1st scan", and walked away! My Sister got me out on day 13, and cared for me at home. I have researched, exercised loads, and found a solicitor. My advice would be be proactive, about what you do (exercise and medication), and keep moving. I could have taken Alka-seltzer at home which could have helped more!

I was told the first six months was when potential for recovery was fastest, so I worked my a** off! Exercise, rest, repeat!

Eat and drink healthy! Don't smoke!

Another thing I learned is, if my right side (the one affected) won't do what I want, I get both to do it together, which, somehow, gets the message through. I asked a physio if this was normal, and she said it often helps, almost as if the message is re-routed. Also, if I found something my right side couldn't do something well (or at all), I kept coming back to it. The message does eventually get through! There are days when it seems I have taken one step backwards, but I allow myself to rest then, and usually find that in a day (or sometimes two) I have moved forward again. The mood swings, on these days, are vile, and I apologize to anyone around me in advance for the day, without them I would never have got this far! I'm driving (short journeys) again (with my doctor's agreement), and hoping to return to work (part-time) soon.
Some days (particularly - for me - the first four months), I was SO depressed, as I could not envisage recovering any of my old life, BUT IT GETS BETTER!

Never give up!

Rosa Mon 13-Jul-15 23:12:49

Omg - good luck to you and well done on your progress

Jinglebells99 Mon 13-Jul-15 23:27:59

Thanks for your positive story. My mum had a stroke a week and a half ago. I'm glad to hear you are doing well, but sorry your treatment wasn't good. I hope you continue to improve. How old are you?

Nannasylv Wed 15-Jul-15 10:19:20

I am 59 (my birthday was the Friday after the stroke). I hope your Mom keeps moving (that was the best advice I had, from my Niece, whose MIL had a stroke many years ago). Every day, between resting, it has to be the focus! The first 6 months is crucial.
Good luck. XX

Jinglebells99 Wed 15-Jul-15 11:22:32

Thanks for your reply and good wishes. was your speech affected? currently mum has few words sad . I'm so glad to hear you are improving.

Nannasylv Mon 20-Jul-15 15:52:47

Yes, my speech was affected, and still is (but less so, and increasingly with fatigue). I hope your Mom keeps working at it, it's the only way. xx

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