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Why am I always so tired? It's getting me so down

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sweetkitty Mon 13-Jul-15 17:06:46

That's it really came off ADs a few months ago, got really down so back on them but I'm so so tired and I always kind of have been.

I don't mean a little bit tired slept 11-7.30 today and have had two naps, I have no energy, my body feels tired and achey. My eyelids even feel really heavy.

I've told the GP all this and all she did was order blood tests which all came back ok, I'm not anaemic, B12 deficient, vitamin D deficient or have anything wrong with my thyroid so why do I want to sleep all the time?

It's getting me down so much.

Everything is such an effort, all I feel like doing is lying down or sleeping.

MrsDeVere Mon 13-Jul-15 17:37:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sweetkitty Mon 13-Jul-15 23:39:02

Don't think it's the ADs was tired on them at max dose, tired weaning myself off them and tired on them at half the dose.

Definitely not pregnant DH had snip and I'm on the pill double Dutch

Bluebell66 Tue 14-Jul-15 10:48:42

Do you think you could be depressed Sweet? Tiredness is always bone of my main symptoms. I know you're on ADS, but maybe they don't suit you. I've never had any success with any of the SSRIs, and have now gone back onto Fluanxol. It's one of the older ones, but it's the only one I can tolerate. Sending you a hug, chronic tiredness is absolutely awful.

ppeatfruit Tue 14-Jul-15 13:32:48

Look at your wheat intake, it does sometimes cause exhaustion, it does for dh and he's a different person without wheat. Do you get inexplicable rages too? There's a book called Grain Brain by a Dr. Perlmutter that has good evidence of what you're talking about.

Aussiemum78 Tue 14-Jul-15 13:44:23

Go back to the doctor and ask for more tests. Possibly also look at sleep apnea, and the thyroid again. Any other symptoms?

Also, can you try sleeping longer at night, then getting up and doing a walk in the morning? Your sleep patterns might jot be right for you.

Do you smoke, drink or consume a lot of caffeine?

sweetkitty Tue 14-Jul-15 22:22:58

Thanks yes I am depressed and have anxiety, the depression is easing up a little now though.

Don't smoke hardly drink and only drink a few cups of tea a day, nothing fizzy.

Have quite a healthy vegetarian diet too

RubySparks Thu 16-Jul-15 07:55:48

Might be worth getting printout of your results as even a result just in range will be marked as normal. My TATT was due to coeliac and hypothyroidism but took a while to get right tests and then to start to recover and fed right dose of thyroxine - when this wasn't high enough I still felt very tired. I also left a job I hated!

KittyandTeal Thu 16-Jul-15 07:59:17

How long ago did you go back on the ADs? It might be tiredness from depression before the AD kick in.

Otherwise I find I'm exhausted when I'm anxious, it's such a tiring emotion, especially as it's all consuming.

Has the GP suggested or given you anything for the anxiety?

TongueBiter Thu 16-Jul-15 08:04:15

I second finding out what's on your test results.

Northernlurker Thu 16-Jul-15 08:04:59

Did your GP test for coeliac?

BIWI Thu 16-Jul-15 08:08:08

If you're a vegetarian are you eating a lot of refined carbs, like pasta and bread?

It could be a wheat/gluten thing, or it could just be that your diet is very carb-heavy.

Are you drinking a lot of caffeinated drinks? And how much water do you drink?

sweetkitty Thu 16-Jul-15 18:11:05

Yes I do eat a lot of bread hmm

Don't drink caffeinated drinks try to drink lots of water every day have 2 cups of tea max.

Been back on the ADs 6 weeks now so they should be kicking in.

I take a multi it every day and high dose vit B12.

This morning after a decent nights sleep climbing the stairs my legs ached hmmhmmhmm

I do exercise walk the dog at least 5K a day sometimes 10k and above.

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