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hysteroscopy large polyps irregular uterine thickening

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cestlavielife Mon 13-Jul-15 16:33:44

large multiple polyps detected on routine smear, sent to gynae, scan showed plenty polyps in and out; and irregular thickening 8 mm (am 50, no bleed since six months or so) few eggs left in ovaries... hysteroscopy and polyptectomy scheduled, and obv send off biopsies..." in case it's cancer" if it is, best case is clean case in womb only and hysterectomy?

how likely is it to be "just" polyps?

if it is dodgy would i be crazy to wait til after summer hols if i need a hysterectomy? v hard to organize when dc not in school...(am lone parent) will few weeks make any difference?

pinkfrocks Mon 13-Jul-15 17:10:52

Oooh- slow down!

None of this necessarily warrants a hysterectomy.

The polyps are most always benign. Know lots of friend who had them. The linig at 8mm is normal for someone not yet post menopausal- it will be slightly thicker as you have not had a period for ages so may still be building up as your oestrogen levels have not dropped fully yet.

If it was uterine cancer then you would most likely have had spotting or bleeding over the last 6 months.

I don't know if your dr has suggested a hysterectomy if they find nothing - or if you are assuming...?????

The other point is that IF it was cancer, they'd not give you the choice of waiting till after school hols- it would be done asap. Your health would come first.

so yes, you would be crazy to risk cancer spreading for the sake of finding childcare for a few weeks.

But it's not likely to be and you ought not to worry.

And I'd suggest you have a proper discussion about the pros and cons of having it all removed if in fact you have no real problems once the polyps are removed.

cestlavielife Mon 13-Jul-15 17:19:17

yes I am jumping ahead of myself.... reading the letter saying "irregular" etc;etc and the response to my question what if you just leave them was - no you need something done....

have already won illness/genetic lottery several times for other if there is a 5% chance then it will probably be me.... however, i would like to be told yes slow down and stop overthinking...

cestlavielife Mon 13-Jul-15 17:23:06

also she seemed to imply that if i had been having sex i would have had bleeding post-coital and therefore would have spotted them earlier ??- before they grow so humongously ? but as lp with dc not had much chance... perhaps should have found someone? hmmph.

yes i know; deep breaths...

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