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DS, 16 2 small lymph nodes in groin. Concern?

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Draylon Mon 13-Jul-15 08:15:24

Last night DS, with some embarrassment!- showed me a small lump in his groin, on his leg crease, quite low down. He'd found it in the shower and prodding it, it was a bit sore. It's not discoloured, hot or red, just a lump, deeper than his skin, so I am thinking a swollen lymph node; say 5p across.

This morning there's a second one an inch or so further up from it. He's in good health.

How long before I take him to the GP? Is the presence of two a better sign of his body fighting infection rather than a solitary one which -ahem- just might be a nasty?


vvega Mon 13-Jul-15 14:41:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Draylon Mon 13-Jul-15 17:53:49

There are now three there! All small, quite hard; will try and see GP tomorrow.

PigPlopper Mon 13-Jul-15 18:12:55

Could he have an infection? Does he have a runny nose or similar? When I was about 16 I had loads of lumps come up under my armpits. I couldn't actually put my arms down it was so painful. They were swollen lymph nodes and a trip to the doctors and a course of antibiotics resolved it.

FirstOfficerDouglasRichardson Mon 13-Jul-15 18:16:46

At about the same ages I found a lump in my neck, I was too frightened to tell anyone so it's great that he's talked to you. I eventually saw the doctor who seemed unconcerned, I still have that lump over 20 years later, it's there all the time but gets bigger and sore when I'm under the weather. I would suggest going to I see the GP as soon as you can get an appointment for peace of mind more than anything I'm sure your DS is worried about it.

Draylon Mon 13-Jul-15 18:51:45

Thanks; yes I think DS is worried otherwise he'd've never have shown me his <gasp> near privates!

I shall try and make an appointment with the GP tomorrow, and thanks for the input.

Draylon Tue 14-Jul-15 18:39:05

Seen the GP who thinks they're inflamed lymph nodes due to having a bit of a spotty botty grin. He had a pustule on 'a cheek' about 5-7 days ago that he was sufficiently concerned about to also show me! I must add DS1 is a very private young man, so I know that if he thinks he should show me a problem in a private area, he's worried! I am a HCP and am absolutely no nonsense, no fuss, but do sort-of 'praise' him for being grown up enough to realise it's all OK.

I did go in with him (I checked he wanted me to) but made it clear I wouldn't be behind the curtain with him and the GP. But I also knew he wouldn't mention the pustule in case the GP wanted to see it, so I mentioned it and the GP did want to see it, as well!

So he has some antiseptic body wash to use to cut down the bacterial load on his skin (he is quite clean, daily shower etc) but I think all will be well.

FirstOfficerDouglasRichardson Tue 14-Jul-15 21:55:34

I'm pleased it's all fine. smile
It's great that he can talk to you about his worries.

Draylon Wed 15-Jul-15 21:00:59

He's a complete pain in the -ahem- arse! But he knows that I will be factual, sensible and businesslike when it comes to Bodies. I stick tubes up strangers' rear-ends for a living (as a HCP, not wearing latex!); thus I am unfazable- at least, not that anyone could tell! grin

Draylon Wed 15-Jul-15 21:01:20

And thanks, Douglas!

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