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basal cell carcinoma on leg and skin graft

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bananaskin123 Sun 12-Jul-15 12:41:23

I started a thread last week about the BCCs I have on my lower leg. The dermatologist has referred me to a plastic surgeon as she thinks I might need a skin graft as the skin on my leg where the BCCs are is quite thin. Does anyone have any knowledge of skin grafts, how long they take to "take" how much you can do afterwards, ie driving, working etc. I know I will need to take at least a couple of days off but maybe I will need more. Also I'm seeing the plastic surgeon on Wednesday week. I know he operates on Tuesdays so he might book me in then but my DGC are arriving from Scotland at the end of that week. Maybe it would be sensible to postpone it until the second week of August just so I can have a really nice time with the DGC. I know now BCCs are common and that they don't "go anywhere" but am anxious about the skin graft and how it might affect everyday life. Just wondered if anyone had any knowledge.

FadedRed Sun 12-Jul-15 12:50:31

Without knowing where on your leg this is and how large the lesion is, it's not possible to be very precise. If you need a skin graft then you should expect it will take a minimum of two to three weeks for it to heal.

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