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NHS Dentist in Bournemouth/Poole/50 mile radius? (!)

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jodee Thu 06-May-04 15:36:24

Can anyone recommend one please? I tried one near to me (Southbourne) and was told I wouldn't get an appointment for an examination until October, and if I needed treatment it would be a three month wait on top of that.

I tried to find a recent thread which I recall mentioned a dentist in Bournemouth but cannot find it.


jodee Thu 06-May-04 18:43:21


anyone? Guess I can contact the health authority but was hoping for some recommendations...?

bunny2 Thu 06-May-04 20:12:00

Jodee, try Mr Wakefield, he is at the top of Carberry so close to you. We waited 3 months for an appointment with him.

bunny2 Thu 06-May-04 20:12:53

I'll let you ahve the number

Codswallop Thu 06-May-04 20:15:54

mine in salisbury?

Branster Thu 06-May-04 20:35:07

have a look at NHS Direct
there is a facility on this website for finding local Gp, hospitals, dentists etc. Just key in your postcode and you get a list of local dentists with contact details and information on whether they do or do not accept new NHS patients.

Branster Thu 06-May-04 20:36:21

The link you need on the site is 'Local Information Database'

jodee Thu 06-May-04 21:11:27

Thanks everyone, that link was useful, Branster.

Coddy, I may very well be calling on you for that Salisbury number if I get no joy locally...

Tkx Bunny - I'm wondering if that's the one I tried (99 Southbourne Rd, Tel 425616?). As well as a 6 month wait, they wanted a non-refundable deposit as well, should I go elsewhere in the meantime!

bunny2 Thu 06-May-04 21:12:34

Jodee, that's them I'm afraid.

jodee Thu 06-May-04 21:15:11

oh well ... I found another one on the NHS Direct link in Old Christchurch Rd (appts from July, it said) so will give them a bell in the morning.

I also feel bad as I've never taken ds to the dentist at all yet!

robinw Fri 07-May-04 06:05:02

message withdrawn

AlanP Fri 07-May-04 14:46:13

You might try Gavin Quigley on Pokesdown Hill. He used to do NHS, not sure if he does now.

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