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Multiple Lipomas anyone?

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U2TheEdge Thu 09-Jul-15 17:42:43

This might be a long shot but I was talking about this on another thread and I wondered if anyone else has them and can understand as most support forums are very slow with little support.

I started getting them when I was 20, I am now smothered in them. I can't count them, I have clusters of 20 plus tiny ones in certain areas and more bigger ones. You can't run your hand down my body without feeling all these lumps.

Mine hurt when I lean on them or if someone touches me with too much pressure. I don't quite fit all the symptoms of having decrum's syndrome but it wouldn't surprise me if I do have it.

My brother has them and my granddad and uncle had them as well, but not half as many as I have. I just get loads more every few months and don't know exactly where new ones are going to fit for much longer!

If anyone else has experience of this I would love to hear from you.

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