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How long did you get discharge from ear after a perforated eardrum?

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Fourarmsv2 Wed 08-Jul-15 10:00:38

Mine perforated on Friday. Oral AB started Mon. Still discharging quite a lot of yellow fluid 5 days later. sad

Millie2013 Wed 08-Jul-15 11:47:05

DD's took a while to clear up (a week or so). They didn't swab at first, just prescribed penicillin, but a subsequent swab lead to them prescribing some different antibiotics. If it doesn't clear up soon, maybe ask for a(nother) swab to be taken?

jamaisdeux Wed 08-Jul-15 17:55:42

Hi Fourams antibiotics (oral) did not work for me. I still had a 'leaky' ear for a week until I went back to the hospital and they prescribed me topical antibiotic drops.

One day later I was better. Two weeks later I could hear again.

Sympathies, it is utterly horrible having a perforated eardrum. I felt off balance and really, really claustrophobic and odd. hmm

You will be back to normal soon though, even though it doesn't feel like it, but I would ask for the drops.

goingtotown Thu 09-Jul-15 20:07:48

I feel for you, it was three weeks before my hearing returned & the tinitus took four weeks to go. I felt that I was never going to feel better, but with two lots of oral antibiotics ear drops with plenty of rest I'm now 100%. Don't get water in your ear, it will delay the healing. A great help for me was having the subtitles on the TV. Get well soon

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