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White cell count almost double what it should be - why?

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CarbeDiem Tue 07-Jul-15 16:49:39

Pretty much what the title says really smile
Had a blood test done 2 weeks ago for Thyroid function and it picked this up. Thyroid is slightly under active but not enough to warrant meds yet so GP is confident it's not that.
I've purposely not googled but know it indicates infection - The GP says at this level I should be showing some sign of raging infection but I'm not.
I've just been for the repeat bloods today and that's why I'm allowing myself to think about and ask for a MN diagnosis smile

Has anyone had this happen? If yes, what was it?

CainInThePunting Tue 07-Jul-15 16:54:34

Don't google it. Wait for the results.

sanfairyanne Tue 07-Jul-15 18:03:11

just a quick comment about the thyroid. in the uk we are very bad at treating hypothyroidism. if your tsh is 'slightly underactive' and you have symptoms, then you need to read up more about it. ask if you had antibodies as well and ask for a retest in a few months. if you already have symptoms ask for a trial of levothyroxine.

Pleasemrstweedie Tue 07-Jul-15 18:21:03

Wot sanfairyanne said.

The chances are this is related to untreated hypothyroidism.

fruitscone Tue 07-Jul-15 19:04:22

I second the thing about the antibodies test. If your thyroid antibodies come back as raised, that indicates autoimmune thyroid problems (hashimotos if underactive, graves disease if overactive). When I was diagnosed with hashimotos my thyroid antibodies were very high and these dropped after starting levothyroxine. One liver function test was also too high as was one white blood test. Both of these also returned to normal upon starting thyroid treatment. Really push for an antibodies test or a referral to an endocrinologist.

CarbeDiem Tue 07-Jul-15 23:28:17

Thanks for replies I will wait for these retest results and if it's still the same I'll ask about the antibodies test.

The reason I didn't and still don't want to Google is because I immediately thought - Shit! what if they got it wrong and missed something at the breast clinic.
I was there in May after finding a mass in my breast. Silly I know and highly unlikely.

CarbeDiem Sat 18-Jul-15 09:55:37

Argh!! It's still rumbling on.
It's crazy - my white cell level is almost the same as my mums - and she has brain cancer so has a good reason to have hers raised. I don't.
They've had a deeper look at my thyroid bloods all is within the realms of okay, apparently.
They've checked a bit deeper what exactly the white cells are and are quite satisfied that it's not sinister (Leukaemia) but if nothing is found and it still continues then they won't rule out a bone marrow test.
My urine is fine, I'm waiting for STD checks and Stool sample results coming back but expect both to be fine.
I have had a late period and also have a little sensitivity in my lower left abdomen. Internal examination was okay but I'll possibly get send for an ultrasound to have a look for fibroids and cysts etc...
I've ANOTHER bloody blood test appt next week then an appt with the GP to discuss results and what next.
I left him a message last week as I'd forgot to mention something to him during an appt - I have food intolerance/allergy issues, a few known and few not. It does make me react in different ways. He hasn't got back to me yet whether this could be a reason for my white cell count being crazy and if he wanted a allergy test done.
I think they're going to run out of things to test me for soon smile

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