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heavier bleeding&clots

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halfpint1967 Tue 07-Jul-15 12:17:48

hi all
not posted for quite a while but here goes
im48&18months or so ago i started getting bleeding between periods.i ignored it for3months thinking it was start of meno but then thougjt better see gp so i did who then sent me for an abdominal&tv scan which showed polyp.i then had to have a polyoectomy under hysteroscopy with a biopsy taken.this was end of July last yr.
all results came bk normal&went on with life.
then within4months the bleeding between periods started again&also periods got heavier with lots of clots which ive never had before!
so bk to dr who took blood to chk fsh level which was normal&sent for another tv scan which said thickened womb lining.they said prob polyps are bk so had another hysteroscopy exactly wk ago polyp found this time.was on3rd day of period at the time.they did smear test chkd cervix,womb&took3biopsies but they said all looked normal.
when i had2nd tv scan in January they said that my ovaries look normal.still plenty of eggs lined up ready to go with no sign of any of them being grey&shrivelled which would mean being menopausal!
so am waiting for all the test results at mo&have to see gyny again in7wks to discuss what we can do to stop my symptoms
so if its def not meno causing it what else could it be?was expecting a polyp to be found again
mirena coil has been offered but ive declined as heard too many horror stories about it&just dont fancy it!
i have said id have a hysterectomy&have done with it&they have found a route to do that while they did hysteroscopy
they also wanna talk about endometrial ablation&'ither options'
any help/ideas from anyone?another perspective?
many thanks for reading whats turned into a very long story!!sorry

starsinthenight Tue 07-Jul-15 12:55:38

Poor you - not nice. I had the same, and all checks normal. I did opt for mirena coil. It is my new best friend. I went from 7 days heavy bleeds with clots so enormous I was petrified something was seriously wrong, to now when I need nothing more than a pantyliner for 1 day/month, at most. Best thing I ever did. Good luck with whatever you choose.

halfpint1967 Tue 07-Jul-15 13:00:24

thanks starsinthenight
what did they put yrs down to did they say?
have u noticed any change in yr weight or probs with it embedding etc with mirena?

starsinthenight Tue 07-Jul-15 13:10:20

No explanation - just seems to be fairly common with age (early 40s). Periods had always been heavy, but enough was enough.

Absolutely no probs with Mirena at all. GP couldn't fit it (tried!) so got referred to a lovely gynae lady who did it in a flash.

I was over-weight before, so can't blame anything except my over-eating to weight gain. But I have just lost a stone by cutting out carbs / sugar, and feel great. Another stone to go.

If anything I feel so much better with it. Less PMT symptoms, and my mood much better as I am not so debilitated by the flooding, or panic of leaking with the clots, or actually by having periods full stop. Or the grumpiness of a holiday being spoilt by period. Wish I had done it years ago - post DC's - and saved myself years of trauma.

Others may have completely different experiences, but mine is 100% positive.

halfpint1967 Tue 07-Jul-15 13:45:25

good for u for managing to cut out all sugar&carbs!!id find that really hard as i have a really sweet tooth&am a complete chocoholic!!lol
glad the coils worked ok for u.yrs is one of the very few good news stories ive heard about it!
my periods were never heavy til all this polyps etc started.i dread every month now&though i dont get such huge clots as u do i get lots of them&its quite scary to see loads of them on yr pad!! sad sad

PerspicaciaTick Tue 07-Jul-15 13:55:37

Sorry I can't help with the medical side of things, but I just wanted to suggest you look at using a mooncup while you are waiting for the hospital to do their stuff. I get very heavy clotting some days and have found that a mooncup is much more effective at dealing with clots than my old tampon/pad combo.

halfpint1967 Tue 07-Jul-15 14:33:38

how do u use a mooncup persipicaitick?i have vaguely heard of them lol

PerspicaciaTick Tue 07-Jul-15 14:38:48

A mooncup is a small silicone (very soft and flexible) cup that you insert a bit like a tampon and it catches everything. Then pull it out, pour the contents down the loo, rinse and reinsert.

There are lots of MN mooncup threads if you do an advanced search.

Some how, my clots are accomplished escape artists and have been known to get half way down my trouser leg (past tampons and pads) before exploding when I sit down. The mooncup stops them escaping and makes my periods feel a lot cleaner and less overwhelming. I know they aren't for everyone though.

halfpint1967 Tue 07-Jul-15 15:16:35

ok thanks for that.not sure its for me really but will read up on it more first

halfpint1967 Thu 09-Jul-15 08:47:34

have had smear test results bk yesterday which are normal smile
so just waiting for the3biopsy results now

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