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Has anyone had experience volunteering when getting ESA (support group) and did it affect your reclaim?

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CrapBag Mon 06-Jul-15 22:41:17

I'm on ESA, in the support group but due to be reassessed every few years. I dread this and when they moved me from Incapacity Benefit to ESA, they originally put me in the Work Related Assessment Group then moved me on appeal.

My DCs will both be at school come September. In one way it means I can rest more throughout the day but in another way I am going to be lonely and occasionally bored throughout the day.

My illness is unpredictable and the more I do, the worse I get, hence me not working. However I know my limits and manage myself well most of the time.

I did my qualifications to become a Teaching Assistant 8 years ago but it was apparent that I would not be returning to work once my training was complete and then I had the DCs anyway. Training was done under the supported permitted work rules.

My question is, if I find out about volunteering a few hours a week in the DCs school, is it going to harm me when I am reassessed for ESA? In my mind it is because they are stupidly harsh as it is and I have a sometimes controversial illness. I feel that they will say if I can manage a few hours in a school (even though it will be on my terms) then I can manage a job which is not the case at all.

All experiences welcome. smile

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