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Labrythitis- how much longer? Any self - help?

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Olivo Mon 06-Jul-15 20:23:32

I have had labrythitis for nearly 10 days, now with a cold on top. I now don't know if the dizziness is caused by the cold or the labrynthitis still being there. I had pills which helped, have finished them now, nausea much reduced but still really wobbly and deaf.

Any idea how long it might last? And if I can do anything to help hurry it along?

tangledyarn Tue 07-Jul-15 08:28:37

Try and keep as active as possible...walking whilst turning your head is good. Google cawthorne cooksey exercises which will help you to compensate. Most cases resolve over a few weeks but it can take sometime. I have had complex chronic vertigo which started with labs for the last 18 months so can empathise but most people get better fairly quickly.

Aquamarine70 Tue 07-Jul-15 10:07:57

I had Stemitil tablets & chewed Remigel fir the nausea. Sturgeron is another medication that can help. I suffered for 2 weeks but it can linger a few months everyone is different.
Hope you get some relief soon.

Olivo Tue 07-Jul-15 20:06:16

Thank you. Today has been particularly bad. And now the nausea is back, so I think I'll go to the pharmacist and see if I can get more of the tablets, but OTC.

measles64 Tue 07-Jul-15 20:23:21

I went to a physiotherapist who did the Epley manoevre and gave me the cawthorne cooksey exercises. Now when I feel a bit of a bout coming on I do the exercises they are just amazing.

tangledyarn Tue 07-Jul-15 22:50:43

Epley manoeuvre will only help if you have bppv rather than labs but it's worth being checked as I had both but nobody checked so didn't get the epley manoeuvre for 11 months.

flakebaby Tue 07-Jul-15 23:32:05

Phone gps - they can give you further prescription. May be happy to just prescribe (or telephone appointment). Hope you feel better soon. X

moosemama Tue 07-Jul-15 23:40:24

Dh had a really bad case of labyrinthitis shortly after starting a new job.

He was willing to try anything to get better quickly and knowing how well cranial osteopathy worked for both my severe migraines and ds2's colic he decided to give it a go. He says it was fantastic and now recommends it to anyone that develops labyrinthitis He felt much, much better after the first session and by the third was pretty much back to normal.

scottgirl Thu 09-Jul-15 20:29:54

How are you doing Olivo ? Labyrinthitis is just so nasty.

reddaisy Thu 09-Jul-15 20:33:11

My DH had a terrible case and it lasted for about two months and he is still prone to it now 10 months on. I will watch this thread closely for ideas he hasn't tried.

reddaisy Thu 09-Jul-15 20:33:29

Ps. I hope you get better soon, OP!

Kundry Thu 09-Jul-15 20:38:19

Do try not to go back on the tablets - your body gets used to them and every time you come off you are back to square one with the dizziness. Unfortunately you have to push on as best as possible without.

Olivo Fri 10-Jul-15 17:52:36

I'm a lot better than I was, thanks. Haven't gone back on the tablets as the nausea seems to have subsided. I am still having balance issues but they are less frequent when they were. If. I am still weird by the end of term, I will try and go for cranio.

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