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'Woolly headed'

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KittyB52 Mon 06-Jul-15 10:30:40

I had a bit of a dizzy spell at work last week and it panicked me a bit, so I made an appointment with my GP. Blood pressure fine, ears checked and OK (as far as she could tell), she sent me for an ECG, which was also OK and I have an appointment for next week to have bloods done.

I was fine when I got up this morning, but since I got to work, am feeling a bit 'woolly headed' and not quite right. Not as properly dizzy as last week (I was sat at my desk and the room went 'whoosh') but definitely a bit 'off'.

I'm a veggie but as far as I know, I am not anaemic (gave blood over a month ago for the first time and was tested then) - is it worth me getting some Spatone or similar at lunchtime to see if that helps? I am trying to drink more water and have had a sweet milky coffee (not really sure what I'm doing, obviously, grin just want the 'foggy' feeling to go).

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