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Pain when standing

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governmentworker Sun 05-Jul-15 11:01:50

Slightly random question, but does everyone find standing painful?

If I stand for more than 5 minutes, my feet and lower legs ache although it's not massively painful - probably about a 3 out of 10 painwise. I had to stand for quite a while last night and my legs and feet still feel slightly achy this morning.

I know some people who have the same problem but others seem to be unaffected (e.g. happy to stand around in a bar when there are seats free etc). If some people are unaffected, is it just that they are used to standing for long periods? I am very physically active (playing sports etc) and am not overweight. I feel absolutely fine walking for 30 minutes (or more) but very uncomfortable standing for 30 minutes.

I did have flat feet as a child and am wondering if my feet are still slightly flat now and that could explain it - or does everyone feel the same level of pain and I just need to get used to it?

MarinaCoyle Sun 05-Jul-15 12:13:33

I was going to ask if you have flat feet! That can be a cause so might be worthwhile looking into getting them checked and get some orthotics if needed.

governmentworker Sun 05-Jul-15 21:29:11

Thanks. It never occurred to me until recently that maybe not everyone felt as uncomfortable/achy standing as I did!

GloGirl Mon 06-Jul-15 13:11:55

What shoes are you wearing? They need to have a slight heel. Some really flat ballet pumps are no good.

Channel Tom Cruise and keep a little heel on all your shoes grin

governmentworker Mon 06-Jul-15 23:18:01

I thought flat shoes would be comfiest! Maybe I need to rethink my footwear!

Selks Mon 06-Jul-15 23:29:12

Flat may be fine with a little arch support - try some decent insoles (with arch support).

GloGirl Mon 06-Jul-15 23:30:10

There are some 'flat' shoes that aren't really - like trainers. Not all flat shoes are bad. As I saud above something like a ballet pump is dreadful and really thin sole too gives no cushioning.

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