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Anaemia - failed pre op assessment

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Mysillydog Sat 04-Jul-15 20:56:43

I have been referred for an endometrial ablation, but my Hb came back as 9.7 and I have been told that I am unfit for surgery. My Hb needs to be 12 for surgery. For me, 9.7 is not too bad a test result, it's been into the 8's which is why I'm having the surgery.

The hospital want me to go in for an iron infusion, but I have just started a month long placement for a job which could lead onto a permanent role next year. I don't want to take a sick day when I actually feel fine. Is it possible for me to get my haemoglobin upto 12 if I persevere with iron tabs? I have only been on the waiting list for a week, and ideally would like a September operation.

Flisspaps Sat 04-Jul-15 20:59:51

Aren't iron tablets meant to be a really ineffective way of getting iron into the body? You just shit most of it out grin

Have you tried the liquid supplements? Much more effective (Floradix/Ferroglobin?) than tablets at raising iron levels.

hiccupgirl Sat 04-Jul-15 22:21:08

I've been taking Sytron/Sodium Feredetate for anaemia for about 7 months now - on perscription. My hb level was down to 8.1 before I started but was up to 11.5 last month. I should take it 2x a day but often only take 1 due to stomach issues and not being able to stomach it at times.

I've got a pre OP assessment this week for an urgent operation so it will be interesting to see what it is and if it's going to be a problem or not.

MissSmiley Sat 04-Jul-15 22:27:59

Iron tablets take months if not years to work. The new iron infusion on the other hand takes 10 minutes. I had two one week and two the following. My ferritin went from 8 to 176! And I felt fantastic! Lunchtime appointment?

withalittlebitofluck Sat 04-Jul-15 22:31:23

I iron infusion and would recommend it... It did in 2 hours what iron tablets had been trying to do for years.

gobbin Sun 05-Jul-15 00:44:05

Iron infusions don't take all day. Maybe request a half-day off, your health is more important than work.

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