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At what point do you seek treatment for an insect bite?

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TeaIsMyDrugOfChoice Sat 04-Jul-15 07:26:15

I was bitten on Thursday afternoon on the back of the arm. The bite swelled up a bit an was very red (standard bite!), Friday it was very red and itchy and hot to the touch and had got quite a bit bigger. I ran into my neighbour who suggested drawing a line around it and keeping an eye on whether it gets any bigger. It has! Probably another 1/2 inch all round. It's not quite as red as it was but is still warm to the touch and very itchy. If I put my palm flat over it, it doesn't quite cover the whole thing.

I'm treating it by taking antihistamine and putting on a bite cream with hydrocortisone in it.

Any other suggestions? I have had bites become very big before but this one seems to be going on a bit!

sanfairyanne Sat 04-Jul-15 07:50:10

probably at this point! if its growing (definitely if it starts 'tracking' ie a red line) and its a few days on and no better. might be infected and need antibiotics.

TeaIsMyDrugOfChoice Sat 04-Jul-15 08:06:29

LOL! Thanks. I really hate to waste an appointment on something so minor but then again I don't want to leave it and it turns into something horrible! No signs of tracking, I'll keep an eye on that this morning!

TheCowThatLaughs Sat 04-Jul-15 08:16:41

Google cellulitis

CMOTDibbler Sat 04-Jul-15 08:19:18

Why not pop to a pharmacy this morning and ask the pharmacist for advice? They are great on this sort of thing

lilacblossomtime Sat 04-Jul-15 08:19:19

I would they might be able to give you a stronger antihistamine or something.

WhatWouldGibbsDo Sat 04-Jul-15 08:19:35

I went into my local walk in centre with a similar bite last year, it was 12 inches across at its biggest shock. It was so painful I was limping as well - limping from a bloody insect bite!! The nurse I saw wasn't overly worried, apparently it takes 48 hours for infection to appear, however if antihistamines don't appear to be working I'd get it checked out, if only so you can get some relief! Sympathy flowers

IrenetheQuaint Sat 04-Jul-15 08:20:12

This happens to me quite regularly and I don't go to the doctor for it, just take anti-histamine and apply cream as you are doing. However - any sign of red line or throbbing pain and I would go to the doctor then.

TeaIsMyDrugOfChoice Sat 04-Jul-15 08:58:43

Righty ho! Thanks all! I'll keep an eye for red lines and for the mo just keep on with what I am doing.
(Thanks whoever suggested the pharmacist, it was an assistant at the pharmacist who suggested the hydrocortisone as the slightly stronger treatment - great minds and all that jazz)

Debinaboat Mon 06-Jul-15 22:57:24

I would have said that too ,I have had that on my arm ,after a bee sting .
Gp said if I had been 12 hours later in getting it seen ,I would have been on iv antibiotics in hospital ,it's a
Very dangerous condition ,where just a few generations ago ,people used to lose limbs because of it .
And I was initially treating myself with antihistamines and creams :-(

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