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Is this a stomach bug or something else?

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OverAndAbove Wed 01-Jul-15 20:29:10

For two days now I've had trapped wind, a bloated stomach and crampy pain every now and then; the pain is quite high up almost under my ribs and I'm a bit constipated, but not totally. I don't feel sick or anything but it's really uncomfortable and the pain is bad when it happens. I look pregnant with the bloating - which I'm definitely not!

Is it a bug that's going round? I'Ve been googling trapped wind and been doing all the exercises to help it along but no result. I'm now at home with both DCs in bed so can't get out of house or I would have tried something like peppermint oil. Stretchy yoga exercises helping a bit

BUT my main concern is that I'm going to a wedding on Friday and need to wear quiet a tight dress. I can't actually get it zipped up!

Any thoughts please to help get rid of the bloat in the next 36 hours??

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