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Anyone had impacted wax?

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Misslgl88 Wed 01-Jul-15 15:48:02


ive been feeling off colour for the past 4/5 days with a fuzzy head, full feeling and ringing in my right ear as well as my jaw and neck feeling strange down that side (not sore just strange), my nose has been blocked and runny simulataneously as well as sneezing, I've been having niggly headaches too (not painful just annoying). Also the nodes on my neck and behind the ear that is blocked can be felt but I wouldn't say they were overly swollen and aren't sore.

last year same time I had a blocked Eustachian tube which just cleared itself and so I thought this was the same without the extreme dizziness but I woke this morning unable to hear with that ear so I went to doctor and he says it is impacted with wax and has given me drops to try and shift it. He said he couldn't tell if there was maybe an infection behind that but if the drops don't help I've to go back. He also said that it being impacted like this is probably why I've been feeling off?

I just wondered if anyone else who has impacted wax felt like this?

cdwales Thu 02-Jul-15 10:46:13

Oh yes! I recognise these symptoms...
I had to wait an agonising four weeks to get a hospital appointment and after waiting two hours a nurse extracted the wax with a vacuum device. This was the third time I had had this done in the hospital.
Anyway she then took pity on me and gave me this advice:
First to soften wax syringe or dropper a couple of drops of olive oil into each ear (you can buy drops but they are really just olive oil). Then stopper the ears with a twist of tissue - or if you have time you can do them one at a time and lie on your side to prevent the oil falling back out!
After c 10 mins use a little wire loop tool to pull out the wax - NOT an ear bud or anything pointed of course. see
It is impossible to harm the eardrum with this unless you jabbed it in really hard or fell on it but the same can be said about a toothbrush or mascara wand and we are grown ups.
Now I no longer have to go to the hospital clinic or endure the discomfort of a build up - which as you probably know is unpredictable - but manage it myself at home.
All the best!

Misslgl88 Thu 02-Jul-15 11:01:58

Thanks for replying at least I know it's all related to my ear and that's why ive been feeling off. Today I actually feel like I have a cold and am achy so it's probably just related

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