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Help im going Bald Help

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Elephanfuckingtastic Wed 01-Jul-15 12:19:47

Up until 4 weeks ago I had very long & very thick hair , it is falling out at a very alarming rate .
I had it cut in to a Bob to see if it would help but it hasn't as its still coming out , my shoulders are covered without me even brushing my hair and when I brush it theirs a brush full of hair comes out every time I run the brush through .
I have a bald patch (is say it's about 7 cms wide) above my right ear , I'm only 27 ffs .

I've Been told its because I gave birth recently (13 weeks ago) .
I don't know what to do , I darent brush it or anything sad

Madlizzy Wed 01-Jul-15 12:40:59

It's really common to shed lots of hair after having a baby. You shed less when you're pregnant. It normally stops after around 4 months. My sister had the same bald patch as you and it grew back fine. Obviously, if you're worried, go and see your gp.

redannie118 Wed 01-Jul-15 13:02:21

I had the same thing horrible scary trichologist told me to get my iron levels checked and to take microgynon..worked a treat

Elephanfuckingtastic Thu 02-Jul-15 00:44:30

Thanks I'll ge to the Docs

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