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Blood stains in pants

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Penguin2 Wed 05-May-04 18:55:52

Just given my four year old daughter a bath and noticed light blood satins in her pants - looks like spotting in a menstruating woman. But she's only four! She claims to have no pain when weeing or pooing so I don't think she has cystitis or an anal fissure ( which she did have when she was two - the fissure, I mean - so I think I would know about that). Couldn't tell when I examined her down below where the blood may have come from. She is fine in herself. Anyone got any experience of this?

froot Wed 05-May-04 19:08:23

message withdrawn

Penguin2 Wed 05-May-04 20:59:19

Meant to say, the blood looks diluted. Guess no-one has experience of this!

kizzie Thu 06-May-04 14:32:31

Penguin - if its diluted then could be a urine infection (even without pain.) Worth seeing the dr or ringing HV just to check she doesnt need a course of antibiotics.

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