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Prolapse op a week tomorrow bit scared, anyone had it?

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BanditoShipman Sun 28-Jun-15 21:21:38


I've just been diagnosed with a womb and bladder prolapse, 'sticking mesh up' op is happening next Monday.

Has anyone else had this done? It's being done by keyhole but I'm a bit scared!

I have also been having terrible period type pains after both the internals I've had to have, they last about 8 hours after the examination. I have also had sex once (!) and had the same terrible pains all the next day.

My consultant doesn't think its the prolapse causing this pain? He sent me for scans -all clear and says I might have a 'tender womb'?! Has anyone else had either these pains or/and a prolapse? I'm worried if it's not the prolapse causing it then the op won't fix it?

CharlotteInBlue Mon 29-Jun-15 20:28:39

I had a prolapse operation with TVT tape 6 years ago, all done vaginally so I had a hysterectomy also. It all went well and It definitely changed my life as before that I had terrible urinary tract infections, horrible prolapse and a dragging pain. There is a long running thread on this so perhaps post there for support.

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