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Anyone had a bleeding tongue?

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Misslgl88 Sun 28-Jun-15 15:55:58

Before I was eating my lunch and I had one of those icey strawberry lemonade drinks from macdonalds. I also had an ice cream and i noticed whole licking it there was a little blood so I looked in the mirror and it was coming from the tongue, it looked like a tiny hole or little cut but I didn't feel it get hurt.

It bled for maybe 10 mins tops and there wasn't much but I googled (stupidly) and it produced all sorts of sinister things, I just wondered if anyone else has had this?

ShatnersBassoon Sun 28-Jun-15 15:59:09

Yes, every time I ate a giant Double Lolly. I ate a lot of them, because they were worth the risk. My tongue is still intact.

Misslgl88 Sun 28-Jun-15 16:06:09

Ah so it probably was from either the icey drink/ice cream or the cone?

ShatnersBassoon Sun 28-Jun-15 16:07:39

Yes, the rough ice probably.

Misslgl88 Sun 28-Jun-15 16:16:01

Thank you

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