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Heavy period after unprotected sex

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bookbathbed Sun 28-Jun-15 14:29:09

Hey, I'm getting a little worried about a period I'm currently having.

I had a regular period around 2 weeks ago. Towards the end of it myself and my partner had unprotected sex. We've gotten to the stage where we're thinking about pregnancy. Usually I'm on the pill but haven't been keeping up with it very well for around a month. We're long distance atm (soon to change grin) so this is the only instance we've had unprotected sex since we've been together.

A day or two after my partner left for home I started a very heavy period. The blood seems thin. I had a strange feeling in my lower back, it was less than an ache - just a strange feeling like it was hollow. I'm still bleeding now - this will be the third day.

Does anyone have any insight as to what this could be? Could it be down to my lack of routine with the pill now? Someone suggested it could be a very early miscarriage?

I do plan to see my GP should it carry on for longer than 5 days as that's usually how long my periods are.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! smile

pinkfrocks Sun 28-Jun-15 14:53:57

It's highly unlikely that 2 weeks after your period (when you would be mid cycle) you are having a miscarriage. This would mean you either had to have conceived between day 1-6 of your normal cycle (which IS possible) and that implantation occurred and is now ending. This is not impossible but it's not likely that your uterus lining would have built up in the week since then to give this amount of bleeding. BUT it's not totally impossible. What is more possible is that your last period occurred when you were pregnant and you didn't miscarry, perhaps due to the mix up with the Pill and it's happening now.

You need to see your GP asap for a pregnancy test and maybe a scan if there are still contents left.

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