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Knee injury

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MegGriffin Sun 28-Jun-15 12:29:54

I fell on to my knee hard yesterday whilst running, landing on to hard grass. My knee is a bit swollen, light bruising all over and hurts as I walk, although I can walk, bend it and I cant kneel on it at all. It is also hot compared to other leg. I dont want to rush off to get it seen so have been icing and taking ibuprofen. Does anyone know when if at all I should get it looked at and by who. Also am I caring for it in the right way? Many thanks smile

basildonbond Mon 29-Jun-15 08:35:34

Elevation will help too - how are you now OP?

MegGriffin Mon 06-Jul-15 21:35:48

Gosh I just saw this reply, i'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. Much better now, thank you. Huge bruise but slowly getting better, thank you.

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