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early period, normally so regular

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tatianararanova Sun 28-Jun-15 02:14:12

My period has come two weeks early. I am one of these regular people who has had one every 32 days for the last ten years, but today is day 19.

There is no chance I could be pregnant (haven't had sex for two months)

I am 31.

What are the most likely reasons for this?

HelenF350 Sun 28-Jun-15 02:27:29

I am 35m, my cycles are usually bang on 28 days. The cycle when I got pregnant I had a bleed on CD15 for 3 days. CD22 I had a blood test that said I hadn't ovulated. CD38 I got a BFP! Doc thinks I had an anovulatory cycle so got an early period for my body to reset itself, could be the same for you?

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