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Problems following wisdom tooth extraction

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Whattodo88 Fri 26-Jun-15 20:47:22

I had a lower wisdom tooth removed two weeks ago (just one tooth). Immediately after, my jaw was locked but I put it down to the local anaesthetic.

In the days following and lots of pain and a pointless visit to the dentist where they didn't help at all, as they couldn't get into my mouth, I eventually saw an emergency NHS dentist where I was treated for dry socket (getting rid of the intense pain) antibiotics for an infection and I was told that the trismus should go by the 5th day of antibiotics.

A week on I now have no mouth pain but can only open my mouth by two fingers (it was one finger) and have bad ear pain, headaches and a sore throat. I just don't know where to go from here, do I try my GP on Monday? I just don't know how all these things can be treated and who I should see because the dentist was not helpful when I first went back. I can live with the sore throat but worry in case it's connected in some way to the gym infection?! Any tips or advice would be really appreciated.

2boys1girlforme Sun 28-Jun-15 23:50:29

I had a bottom impacted wisdom tooth out just over a week ago plus the tooth next to it and the top one above it!
I can't open my jaw quite two fingers yet, it's horrible. Last week it painfully jolting when I tried but that seems to have stopped now, it just won't open!
Have had the odd pain in my cheek, jaw and ear but that seems to be easing off now, my stitches are just really sore.
I would see the dentist again. Hope it clears up quickly.

Viviennemary Sun 28-Jun-15 23:54:33

Years ago I had a friend who had all four wisdom teeth out at once. She could hardly open her mouth for absolutely ages. I agree go and see the dentist again. Hope it gets better soon.

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