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Lower back pain from shoes?

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BrightonRocks89 Thu 25-Jun-15 16:31:49

Hello all!

For the past week I have experienced a dull, continuous pain in my lower back either side of my spine towards my bum muscles. A little background: Around a month ago I took a 4 night city break by plane and after the first day of extreme walking/standing my legs and lower back felt pains I have never experienced before, it brought on crazy amounts of stress and strain where my legs literally felt like jelly and I found it hard to walk. It seems it was due to my newish trainers which have no support either side of the foot and had a memory foam sole. This caused extreme stress and my first ever panic attack and migraine (took a week and a half to recover from the post- drome effects!). However now I have been wearing better trainers and my legs have improved the dull back pain has returned and I'm concerned about how to treat it and if it is due to this trip. I'm 25 years old if this helps, and very worried!

Thanks for reading.

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