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Hysterectomy recovery

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tobee Wed 24-Jun-15 19:35:29

Hi. I am 8 days post op after subtotal abdominal hysterectomy. I know everyone is different but I would be interested in hearing the trajectory of the recovery of others. My hospital discharge info says 2 weeks rest and if everything is normal I see the consultant in 8 weeks post op. But how did that work out for you? What did you do in weeks 1-2 and then 3,4,5 etc? What changed? Tia.

ChantenayCarrot Wed 24-Jun-15 21:56:06

I had same op as you. In all honesty, I don't think my recovery was necessarily normal ie I was walking around the day afterwards (hospital said I had to) and then didn't stop.

I was told to walk every single day for a minimum of 10 mins and then increase that by 5 mins per day. I actually walked slightly more than that but I can honestly say, I knew when to stop. I wasn't ever in pain but I did get tired. The mega tiredness lasted for approx 3 weeks.

I tried not to lift a thing ie I would walk to the shops twice a day and only buy one thing - I didnt really need anything but it meant I had a routine. I also made myself get out of bed and shower, maybe strange but again, I felt it was better to have a routine quite early on.

In terms of weekly changes, well, I just became stronger and less tired. I didn't have to take a nap in the afternoon and found my stomach muscles gradually returned.

I was assigned a nurse who contacted me each week or so (normal for my hospital) and she basically said that what I was doing in terms of exercise was fine.

I had a check up 6 weeks after the op and then went bk to work the following day.

Ultimately you must take advice from the hospital (I was given exercises to do for example) but thankfully found the whole experience much easier than expected. It was a relief actually as I had been through 2 yrs of sheer hell prior to having the op.

I hope your recovery is straight forward smile

tobee Wed 24-Jun-15 23:17:56

Thanks for your reply. My self employed husband has taken bits of time off and my 16 year old son and 20 year old daughter are here full time doing a brilliant job of looking after me and the dog. I'm incredibly un house proud and messy but even I am worrying about the undone housework (tidying up etc) and it's only been 8 days. I'm not dumb enough to do anything but am trying to visualise when I can do stuff. I don't want it to be too chaotic.

worriedaboutwork Sat 27-Jun-15 07:45:51

I was up and about every day. I had to be with a young child but I also had friends helping out. DH started a new job the morning of my surgery so I needed all the help I could!

I found being up early meant I got up, showered and dressed. Just into joggers and a top but it made me feel better. I made myself do this every day. Hair washing I needed help with for the first week or so because of braising as I couldn't lift my arms over my head!

I walked around the garden most days and then increased a little each day after about 10 days or so.

The most I did was boil the kettle and make beans on toast. We did save for a cleaner for 6 weeks post surgery though which was a really good decision to make. They came twice a week for an hour. The company was lovely as well. They were very good and popped to the shop on the way for me if I needed anything.

Weeks 2-6 were spent watching box sets! I drove at 4 and was back part time to work at 6 weeks.

tobee Sat 27-Jun-15 11:58:33

Thanks that's very helpful. I was doing all the getting up and walking around as advised but then had a wound bleed on Wednesday and Thursday so did a bit of lying down again! Anyway, feeling better now and back up. I've not had pain really, just discomfort and now feel used to the feeling which worries me that I'll forget and do too much. All the info I found online sort of peters out after two weeks. Think there's going to be quite a bit of sorting down the line at my house! Should have prepared more but was too busy preparing my head.

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