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What can I do to get rid of my depression?

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ghengis Wed 05-May-04 11:53:41

Having a bad bout of depression at the moment and have just tried cranial osteopathy. Is there anything else (apart from ads ) that you would recommend? I'll try anything at this stage

Toothache Wed 05-May-04 12:03:43

Ghengis - So sorry you're having a tough time. Hav eyou tried homeopathy? My GP recommended Sepia to me when I finally told her that I'd been suffering from PND for 18mths. I had gotten over the worst part and had stopped feeling suicidal, but still felt panicky, down, out of control and my outlook on life was bleak to say the least! I tried it and it worked for me.

Obviously the best thing is to visit a trained homeopath who will try things to suit you specifically. St Johns Wort seems to get a good review on MN too.

Hopefully you will find something that suits. I was amazed at how quickly I started to feel better and I fully intend to start taking it again once this baby is born.

ghengis Wed 05-May-04 12:58:27

I'm way past the St Johns Wort stage I'm afraid. I take 40mg of Cipramil a day and have been taking it for 2 years. Can I mix Sepia with Cipramil?

LipstickMum Wed 05-May-04 13:07:07

Ghengis, hi. Sorry to hear you're having a bad time of it. I'm having a particularly bad day myself HAve you tried any type of therapy yet?

ghengis Wed 05-May-04 13:16:10

Yes, I've had counselling where you just talk (no good), cognitive based therapy (good but too fast for me) and now on a second batch of CBT. I was just wondering if anyone had success with things like reflexology or reiki or something like that. I'll try anything that you think might help!

CookieMonster Wed 05-May-04 13:23:11

ghengis, I'm a great fan of reflexology. Unfortunately I didn't discover it until I was starting to come out of a bout of depression and I was looking for something as a substitute for ads, but I would definitely recommend you give it a go.

Toothache Wed 05-May-04 13:30:36

Ghengis - As Sepia is homeopathic then apparently you can take it with anything. You can buy it in Holland & Barrett or Boots.... in fact I think Lloyds Chemists stock a range of them now too.

Another Mumsnetter had tried twice to come off AD's and on her 3rd attempt tried Sepia to help her along and, as far as I know she has not taken AD's now for nearly a year.

It's not for everyone, but if there's a chance that it might just be what you're looking for then go for it! Although I have had it pointed out to me on MN before that homeopathic treatments should be specific to each person. Perhaps it was just a fluke that Sepia worked for me..... or perhaps alot of it has been psychological... I don't care, all I know is that it put the words "normality" and "control" back into my life.

Frieda Wed 05-May-04 13:31:36

I tried acupuncture, which I found helpful to a degree – the only problem was my acupuncturist advised me that it would have a chance to work better if I stopped taking my medication, which I didn't feel brave enough to do. I definitely felt calmer and more 'balanced' after my session. Unfortunately she emigrated after that and I never managed to find another acupuncturist I felt so comfortable with.

I'd be interested to hear about your experience with cranial osteopathy, as I have been thinking of giving that a go.

mrsjingles Wed 05-May-04 13:34:44

Hi ghengis, I've been suffering anxiety/panic attacks badly, and was assessed at our local mental health hospital who are giving me a course of reflexology as they believe it can help many things like anxiety & depression. I'm having 1 session a week for 5 weeks on the nhs, the chap said I should notice a difference after 2 sessions.

I'd say it's definately worth a try, and if it doesn't help your depression, it will at least be a relaxing experience for 1hr.

ghengis Wed 05-May-04 16:59:47

Frieda, I have only had one cranial osteopathy session (she reckons I'll need 3) and she did release a lot of tension on my left side. She did more work on my back than my head. I'll update you when I've had the 3.

Mrsjingles, I have had reflexology pre-depression but will give it another go. As you say, at least it's relaxing.

KateandtheGirls Wed 05-May-04 17:07:21

I've never heard of Cipramil. Is it an anti-depressant? If so and it's not working, you should talk to your psychiarist. Maybe you need to up the dose or switch to a different drug. (But not without first talking to a doc.) I had to get my dose of Prozac up to 80ml a day before it worked for me (and couldn't switch to a newer drug because I was nursing). I'm off it totally now and feeling much better.

If you can get some relief with a so-called "alternative" method, then great, but my personal opinion is that depression is too serious to mess about with, especially when you have kids to take care of, and needs to be dealt with a.s.a.p.

Hope you feel better.

melsy Wed 05-May-04 17:54:28

Im sorry things are bad for you ghengis ,I have been there and feel sympathy for you being in the thick of it right now.

Im HOPEFULLY coming to the tail end of my PND. but I suffered terrible panic attacks with convuslions so Ive been rushed to the mental unit several times.

As you may know I beleieve in spsiritual energy and working with visualisation to increase your positive side. I have a foot in both camps(as my doctor calls it!!!) , the tradiitonal based medicines and other holistic therapies. My doctor feels that anything I can do to help releive tension and muscle spasm from the convulsions are beneficial alongside any mental / phsyche therapy. He said that if one can afford it any treatment like ; indian head massage, cranial ost , aromatherapy and ,many more are very very beneficial in these circimstances. Its just a shame its not more recognised as an NHS treatment. I am currently having hypnotherapy (which improves the impact of visulisation tremendousley),alongside 30mg of citalopram. Its is working as I can now stop panic attacks after a couple of minutes, if that . Ive had a about 10 sessions as CBT was not available in my local area. I agree that counselling is too much talking and not enough action or tools if any are given in that to help with day to day. I think support in dealing with the emotions and negativity (or talking down to yourself in the head), has great benefits, as I dont think we can change the essance of who we are , but we can improve on how we see things. Mrs Jingles that is wonderful you have reflexology on NHS thorugh the mental health unit. I wonder why they didnt provide that for me too !!!

With regards to homeopathy is that it has to match your depression and personality type to work, every depression is different and can be manic and nervous energy inducing or make you morose quiet and slow. Luckily some can be right and happen to work , but I would always prefer to have someone do a consultation on me first to tailor the right one, espeically in financial sense, as they can be costly to experiment with. the other thing with taking ads and homeopathy tablets is that they can fight against each other as you cant take st johns wort on ads.

Good luck, I will check back to see how your doing. melsy xx

melsy Wed 05-May-04 17:54:56

cipramil is the brand name for citalopram.

KateandtheGirls Wed 05-May-04 17:58:24

Oh, also known as Celexa. Thanks.

ghengis Thu 06-May-04 10:15:20

Thanks so much Melsy. Yes, what I am looking for is something (anything) that I can do alongside seeing my therapist and GP. Actually, I just need a new head !!!

melsy Thu 06-May-04 10:21:17

See you have sense of humour which is positive!!! If you wnat I can email with some of the stuff I do for homework that helps me see positive even when feeling negative. Now ive gone torugh this I feel compelled to help others feel better.

ghengis Thu 06-May-04 11:33:41

Just found this

robinw Fri 07-May-04 06:08:12

message withdrawn

glitterfairy Fri 07-May-04 07:27:40

Ghengis just a message to say that I too had postnatal depression after the birth of my third dd5 adn was treated for a year. I was given prozac which was miraculous and whilst I came off it kept some in a drawer for about two years after! Just in case. Most of my help and support came from friends who were brilliant and wonderful. My dh was working away which made it really hard but friends were always there and to be honest as I started to get less manic and stop crying going out really helped. Actually doing something other than childcare and drudgery.

Flip Fri 07-May-04 07:46:57

ghengis I feel for you. I am currently taking cipralex which is a similar thing to cipramil except it's a fast action one. I only take 10mg a day and I feel good. But after ds1 I had severe post natal depression for eighteen months or more. Seroxat didn't work, in fact nothing did. I just pulled myself through it and I really don't know how. But with ds2 from the beginning I took AD's.

Have you had a series of bad days? I always felt worse if the bad days had out numbered the good in a week.

Perhaps you could speak to your GP about changing your medication.

Do you have any symptoms apart from feeling depressed? Are you tired, panicky or anything like that?

shrub Fri 07-May-04 07:56:12

transcendental meditation worked for me - very easy to do 20 mins a day. gives a healthy distance to emotions and circumstances which use to overwhelm me. my friend who is a doctor recommended it. there are now independent practicioners who charge about £250. it was the best money i ever spent. also lots and lots of walking in the countryside has helped - a bit like dental floss for the brain! be kind to yourself

glitterfairy Fri 07-May-04 08:00:50

How are you FLip? Havent spoken in a while. Hope the kids are better! Take care.

Flip Fri 07-May-04 08:01:31

Afraid not Glitterfairy.

Beetroot Fri 07-May-04 08:08:57

Message withdrawn

glitterfairy Fri 07-May-04 08:12:00

Am sorry Flip. Nightmare for you.

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