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Has anyone else had a pain in their arm over a week after a drip coming out?

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foxinsocks Mon 22-Jun-15 21:18:29


I had an operation a week last Friday under general anaesthetic. I had the general put through the drip, I also had an anti emetic (as the general makes me sick) plus an antibiotic afterwards. They put it all in my left hand.

Over a week later, my arm is still sore. It bruised at the site where it went in but that bruise is almost gone and now it is very painful to touch my wrist and my muscles ache all the way up to my shoulder. You cannot see a thing though. Is this normal? Does it just take time to get better?

lljkk Mon 22-Jun-15 22:26:21

I get stuff like that, give it another week. Is it red or hot to touch?

foxinsocks Mon 22-Jun-15 22:42:35

No it isn't. Looks the same as normal. The bit by the wrist is v sore and may be slightly swollen but not worryingly so. I'll give it another week and see what happens. I think I have just forgotten that things like this take a while to recover from !

Thanks for responding smile

lljkk Mon 22-Jun-15 22:55:00

I am trying to remember what my hand felt like after canula, but mine was in the elbow area IIRC. Think I was just glad to be making a recovery.

You know the jab they give you when you're giving birth to a baby, to make the placenta come out fast?
The fecker hurt so bad, my leg was sore for at least 2 weeks. I've had mega colourful bruising from giving blood, too. I just don't take well to needle insertions.

movelikeboov Tue 23-Jun-15 07:51:30

I've had this before after a blood test, they might have hit a nerve when the cannula went in to the vein, that hurts like heck and will take a while to settle...

hellomynameis Tue 23-Jun-15 15:34:47

Take some regular pain killers for a couple of weeks. It may also be due to arm position during surgery / procedure.

foxinsocks Tue 23-Jun-15 18:02:54

Thanks I will do so. Had a further look at it today and can see another puncture mark where it is v sore so I'm wondering if I had a Canula in one place and something else, even just a jab, in another that is causing the pain!

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