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Bleeding between period

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Jo4040 Mon 22-Jun-15 05:03:52

Please help me. I'm so sceared. I had a baby six months ago (natural delivery). I haven't yet managed to go on any birth control. Last month I bled around day sixteen of my cycle for four days, now this month around day sixteen iv been bleeding for now six days n the bleeding is getting heavier. The Dr has booked me in for a blood test today. I'm twenty four so never had a smear. I have only had one sexual partner n he has only ever been with me. I'm so sceared. I feel sick n sweaty with nerves n as I write this I feel like I'm going to pass out I'm tht frightened of what the answers going to be

Jo4040 Mon 22-Jun-15 05:28:50

P.s. iv got no pain, no unusual discharge and I'm defo not pregnant. Just blood now for the last six days starting on the 16th day if my now it seems forty day cycles.

wishingchair Mon 22-Jun-15 05:45:45

What were your periods like before you got pregnant? It's not unusual that they change or are unsettled after birth. What are you worried that it is?

Jo4040 Mon 22-Jun-15 06:09:36

My periods were normal about four days every twenetyeight dayish. Now thy seem to be every forty days however I have only had two periods since giving birth sixmonths ago. They were abit heavier n lasted around six days. I'm constantly at the toilet around every ten mins checking to see the blood flow. I'm in a constant state of worry n shaking. I can't eat. I'm so worried iv got cervical cancer. I can't bother properly with my children bcz I'm anxious tht they will loose me. I'm a serial worrier about my health but this time I really do think this is serious. My family are at wits end with me but i can't help it

wishingchair Mon 22-Jun-15 06:30:09

Ok - I also suffer health anxiety so I completely understand. I also know the only thing that will help is confirmation from your gp that all is ok. Are they going to do a smear as well?

Here are my thoughts though. This is your second period and they are going to be a bit strange. It doesn't sound like you're bleeding between periods, just have a longer cycle and longer periods now. So really the bleeding sounds normal, just different to how it was before. Mine are often different and can last up to 7 days (we're always 4-5 days before kids). Not only that but they are often really heavy for first couple of days, ease off a bit then have another couple of heavy days then light again.

FWIW I have a friend who had cervical cancer and the bleeding was like nothing she'd had before. She couldn't leave the toilet it was so bad and was bleeding through towels (actual towels). She was diagnosed and was treated and is doing really well.


Jo4040 Mon 22-Jun-15 06:37:18

Honestly, thank you for replying. Iv got two children. Four and six months. They are going to do a smear next month when I am 25. This bleeding started 16 days after my last period started and has got worse over the last six days. I'm sorry that you suffer with health anxiety. It's not nice. Iv had it for around seven years now and its one thing after another. There is a constant him of 'what ifs' at the back of my mind. I'm a normal girl, doing a normal job and people would not know the way I am feeling inside because I'm very good at hiding it. At nine o'clock I'll drop my son of at nursey and none of the parents would ever guess that this morning iv been having panic attacks about this bleeding. I hope your anixiety gets better soon but if ur anything like me it will just get worse x

wishingchair Mon 22-Jun-15 06:47:25

I'd ask if they can do the smear sooner. Not like something magical happens to your cervix when you turn 25 wink. This is causing you distress now.

My anxiety is linked to my DH's illness but I'm taking some anti depressants now which have helped me get it under control. Hope you can too.

Jo4040 Mon 22-Jun-15 06:52:22

Im sorry to hear about your DH. That is a sure trigger. I'm going to have to talk about a smear sooner. Thanks again for relplying. Iv never used this site before or anything like it but just talking to someone calmed me down and now I'm only shaking a bit. Hope you overcome your anxieties. I could give you all the best advice in the world.but I don't suppose no one can sort ur thoughts out but yourself. X

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