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2nd degrees oil face burn yesterday?

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happywithit Sun 21-Jun-15 19:22:05

i was cooking around 8pm yesterday when the oil splash all over the kitchen and burnd my face and my hand arm, i went to emergency, they keept me for 2 hours and give me very strong pain killers, but no cream, the doctor advice me to leave it as it is and after 4 weeks it will become normal, today my half face look really horrible, the marks getting very very dark, any help please

Justtrying Sun 21-Jun-15 19:25:42

Did similar to hand last year, had to use parafin dressing until skin healed then massage every hour with Vaseline. Still got a mark but no bad scaring.

happywithit Sun 21-Jun-15 20:37:10

thank you, but they refuse to put the dressing as the doctor said it may have infection

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