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bug after bug after bug

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liquoriceandtomatoes Sun 21-Jun-15 13:22:33

I've had IBS for years and pre-kid used to catch a couple of bugs over Winter like most people, standard stuff. This year......... it's been relentless!!!!! My ds in nursery, I get what he gets and I've been ill about 50% of the time. It's starting to really affect my confidence/future planning etc I'm think of cancelling a holiday abroad. My anxiety at work is increasing as I don't have that fairth in my body currently.
This week after a stressful time and pre-menstrual I've come down with thrush, piles, sore throat and the nastiest bug ever - night sweats, chills, diarohea etc TMI sorry. I have no idea what to eat for which symptom(!)

Obviously I need to manage stress better and plan to give up (minimal) alcohol for a while and suger. But I wanted to have a moan and ask - this does get better doesn't it????????????

And does anyone else have this nasty bug? Or is anyone else getting as ill as me this year with their young children's bugs - how are you coping with it mentally? Will my immunity recouver?

Joneseygirl77 Sun 21-Jun-15 21:40:36

Liquorice I'm the same. I have had constant viruses from october- have 10 days off and then get it back again. It's a cold/cough/throat virus and have also had a tummy one too. I'm now on my 4 lot of antibiotics to shift it and have had a chest X-ray and bloods which all came back fine.

My dd started in nursery in Dec and I went back to work ft in March so don't think that's helped. GP keeps telling me all parents have the same issue when their children start in nursery and that it will get better. As some wise mumsnetter said my dc will be like wolverine by the time she starts school and I will be the same!

No advice just lots of flowers xx

Bettertobehealthy Mon 22-Jun-15 10:31:41

Liquorice - one of the causes of being run down and being very susceptible to "bugs" is being low in Vitamin D. In the wintertime , we cannot make vitamin D in our skin, our store drops , and we become even more susceptible.
If I was you , I would get myself tested for vitamin D deficiency. It is very common in Britain , especially if you are not outdoors , in the sun a bit.( without sunscreen for at least 20 mins ). Sunscreen stops you making Vit D in the skin. In Britain , you cannot make vit D between October and March, the sunlight is too weak.

Even in the summer months , the required UVB in sunlight is only there between 10 am and 3 pm. We do get a little bit from food, but not nearly enough. Oily fish like salmon is probably the best source, but farmed salmon only has 1/4 the level of wild salmon. i.e. very little.

There is not a consensus about what is a healthy level of vitamin D among medical professionals. There is lots of evidence now that we need more than currently thought. In the UK , NHS guidlines say that 50 is ok, anything below that is either insufficiency , or deficiency, according to your exact level.

Your doctor may let you have a test if you ask him, let him know about your troubles ! IF your doctor is unco-operative , you can get a paid for test from an NHS lab , by post from Sandwell, Dudley NHS Path Lab. They charge £28 . It can be ordered over the phone by credit card. It entails a finger prick, and you sending back a sample on a blotting paper to the lab. They email your result within a week. Visit to order a pack. You can order on 0121 507 4278 as well.

To supplement with Vit D is very easy and cheap, it is the cheapest vitamin to buy , especially on amazon etc.

I have posted on this topic on other threads , see

and others.

Hope this helps. Good Luck


Pleasemrstweedie Mon 22-Jun-15 12:37:49

Great post BTBH

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