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Dental issue, agonising pain

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Sickofthesnow Sun 21-Jun-15 12:55:18

Hi all, will try keep brief.

On Tuesday I had a root removed - had avoided dentist for years through a really bad fear. Found a dentist who took it slow with me and done fillings etc and was fantastic. Put me at ease and I overcame my fear.

The last bit of work needing done was on Tuesday there to remove a root from a broken tooth. The extraction was pretty horrid tbh, and dentist said the root had twisted a little so had to be twisted back into place in order to pull it out.

Anyway, all was good for a couple of days although painful. But come Thursday night I was in agony and Friday morning I got an emergency appointment.
Saw a different dentist who said the gum was infected, so she numbed it, disinfected and put this packing stuff in - like cotton wool stuff soaked with what smelt like clove oil.

She said the packing would fall out over the course of the day and just to let it come out, don't put it back in. However, it didn't come out at all and come Friday night I was back to being in absolute agony.

I've not slept right at all since Tuesday, I was so tired last night I was drifting off sitting up on the couch, then waking with the pain all night.
I spoke to NHS 24, who got the dental hospital to call me and they advised me on painkillers every 2 hours alternating between brufen and paracetamol. They also made me an appointment to get seen this morning by dental hospital staff.

Went there - to be told, it all looks ok! I said to them the packing still hasn't come out and the dentist said, well your gum is closing over looking fine and just ride it out.

I really don't think I can "ride it out" any longer sad It's hard to describe but under the gumline that is "healing" I can still feel this swelling and the pain is throbbing constantly to the point that painkillers arent working and I'm in tears most of the time.

Surely there's something not right here?! Can anyone advise even though they can't see inside my mouth? sad

TheoriginalLEM Sun 21-Jun-15 19:34:27

I'm not a dentist but i would imaigine that the packing needs to come out. I would call the out of hours dentist for your area. Ironically i have just had to do the same for my DD fuckers wouldnt speak to me though as she is over 18, never mind the fact she is unable to talk

littlecupcake Sun 21-Jun-15 20:07:28

I have no advice but plenty of sympathy. I had a temporary crown just over a week ago and been in agony ever since. Now I may need root canal treatment in addition to the crown, costing £1k in total - ouch! I'm taking antibiotics in case of infection but I've almost finished the course so it's looking like the root canal work is inevitable.

Hope you manage to see a dentist tomorrow. There really is nothing worse than toothache.

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