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loopyloo87 Sun 21-Jun-15 12:24:00

Hi, I know that migraines are usually at the front & sides of head but can they also effect just the back of the head? In april I had an awful throbbing in the back of my head that lasted 3 days & made me feel sick. Nurofen eased it for a while then it returned.. Has anybody experienced this sort of headache?

holeinmyheart Sun 21-Jun-15 20:49:12

Yep, I suffer from frontal Migraines with Aura, but I have had headaches that were at the back of my head on my left side. They can last for days.
I have had a brain scan and nothing was found to be wrong. I suggest you get a prescription from your GP that is specifically for Migraines.

There will probably also be a Migraine Clinic in your area, if you feel worried perhaps you could ask for a referral

loopyloo87 Sun 21-Jun-15 21:22:56

Thankyou for your reply I don't usually suffer with headaches but in April it worried me as it lasted on & off for three days and was in the middle at the back of my head.. The pain was throbbing I've only had it once since so I'm hoping it was a one off stress related.. I was just wondering if anybody else has experienced this type of pain I wonder if it was migraine

holeinmyheart Mon 22-Jun-15 19:15:33

Stress can definitely give you a massive headache but I can have Migraine when I am on holiday and think I am relaxed.
For me my Migraines are a mystery. I am not a relaxed easy going person. Though. I sooo wish I was, but I was brought up by a toxic Father. You didn't know where the next blow was coming from.
He suffered from severe Migraines. Yuck, as I hate to think I inherited anything from him.

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