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Achilles tendonopahy/tendonitits?

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Oldisthenewblack Fri 19-Jun-15 17:09:30

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Achilles Tendonopathy/tendonosis? I've had problems with my left ankle for years, initially it was simply a bit stiff now and again. That was over 15 years ago and now it's progressed to being terribly painful a lot of the time.

There is a big mass of something around the tendon, perhaps swelling, though it never goes down. Maybe scar tissue, I don't know. Every time I get up from sitting, or when I get out of bed, I'm limping, and the ankle just won't 'give' at all until I've been moving for a while.

Some time ago I saw a physio about this, and was told it was tendonitis. Another physio then told me it was tendonosis. They gave me exercises and recommended a TENS machine. Beyond that, I don't think much else happened. I saw a physio yesterday who exclaimed when she saw the lump, and gave me something that I think was ultrasound (sounds daft that I don't know for sure, but during the course of the consultation I became upset due to her attitude and as it took all I had to get myself under control I couldn't focus on what was being said!). I have two more appointments next week to have more of this ultrasound.

Does anyone have any guidance on what I should be asking for at this stage? Should I be asking for x-rays/scans or anything like that? Because I'd really love to know EXACTLY what is going on in there. It's affecting my life so much these days that I'm concerned about doing something inadvertently that could make it worse.

Thanks in advance!

ChestyNut Fri 19-Jun-15 17:37:56

I had Achilles tendinitis.
I had physio stretching exercises
Orthotic insoles with a lift at heel
Ibuprofen gel to area
Ice for 15 mins x3 a day

Finally had ultra sound therapy once a day for a week and it improved.

Have felt stuff this week so back to ice ibuprofen and stretches.

It sucks.

Oldisthenewblack Fri 19-Jun-15 23:35:58

Thanks ChestyNut, yes, it does indeed suck. So painful. Re the heel lift, have heard that they can help, will talk to the physio about that.

Hoping the ultrasound therapy works!

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