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Got an abscess on a molar - in pain and worried about managing it!

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EagleRay Thu 18-Jun-15 08:17:41

I had a tooth crowned a few months ago then it started hurting 2/3 days ago. Went to dentist yesterday and he said abscess was forming. Given antibiotics and appt for next tues (altho if cancellation will go in sooner)

Pain overnight was quite bad but easing now after ibuprofen and paracetamol. Am worried about managing pain until treatment though. How soon will antibiotics work? And will over the counter pain relief be enough?

I had a v bad infection in tooth/jawbone a few years ago which went on for months and it nearly destroyed me so feeling a bit fearful :-(

MatildaTheCat Thu 18-Jun-15 11:48:07

You can buy OTC paracetamol with codeine which you can still combine with regular full dose ibuprofen. If you stagger the doses you will avoid the dips between doses. If that's not enough call your surgery for a prescription. They will be sympathetic to the hell of toothache. Does a hotwater bottle help?

Hope it's better soon.

EagleRay Thu 18-Jun-15 23:00:28

Thank you so much! Had never occurred to me to buy codeine - went to pharmacy and got some Co-codamol at lunchtime and have managed 10 hours without needing any more painkillers. It's kicking in now mind, so in bed with more painkillers and antibioticssmile

CalmYoBadSelf Thu 18-Jun-15 23:08:56

You could be me OP. I have a problem with a crowned molar and am also super nervous after a jaw problem that lasted months too. Oddly I have swelling but no pain but am living in dread in case it starts to hurt!

Good advice to stagger ibuprofen 400mg three times a day and co-codamol 2 four times a day but don't do the hot water bottle. My dentist explained earlier this week that heat outside the mouth could aggravate it so only use heat inside the mouth as warm salt mouthwashes

Good luck. I hope yours settles down

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