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Radio Frequency Ablation /Rhizotomy - does it work ?

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Wombling123 Thu 18-Jun-15 08:09:03

Hi there , I have a problem with a damaged nerve in my back which (bizarrely) gives me excruciating pain in my foot . I had a microdiscectomy which didn't work too well and they think the nerve is still swollen or damaged. I have had nerve root blocks ( steroid injections) in the past which have made the pain go away completely for several months - but apparently you can't have too many of them ! Now it has been suggested that I have a radio frequency ablation of the nerve where they burn it to stop it sending pain signals to the brain . Has anyone ever had one ? Does it work ? How long does it give you pain relief for ? Apparently after it is done the pain can get significantly worse before it gets better ... :-( as the nerve grows back , do you have to keep having them done for the rest of your life ? ..I'd really appreciate hearing about other people's experiences ..
Many thanks.

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