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Rising blood inflammation levels-no idea whats going on !!

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redannie118 Wed 17-Jun-15 13:08:32

Hi there will try and keep this as brief as poss ! Went to the docs about 3 weeks ago with symptoms I thought may be perimenopausal, mood swings, hot flushes,etc . My family history is non existent re menopause as im the first woman in 3 generations of my family to reach 42 and not had a hysterectomy,doc agreed to do some blood tests for thyroid etc and see what showed up.I ws called back for further blood tests after my first set shows levels of something high but no one would tell me what.When I saw the doc she said the inflammation levels in my blood were high and had gone up again by the second set she said all other tests were fine liver kidneys thyroid etc.She ordered more blood work again to test for rheumatoid arthritis and ive had another phone call saying theve gone up a fit and healthy42 year old non smoker no sign of fever,only pain is back ache ive had for years and im totally mystified. .no one is telling me anything and the info on the net is beyond confusing. What is really scaring me is my younger sister had uterine cancer 4 years ago and I know high inflammation levels can be a cancer marker. No symptoms of UC as I went on cerelle a year ago to halt my horrific periods.,so im flying totally blind. Any advice would be brilliant thanks in advance guys !!!

redannie118 Thu 18-Jun-15 08:11:49

Bump up please

vvega Thu 18-Jun-15 11:04:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redannie118 Thu 18-Jun-15 11:56:28

Yep brill advice vvega going to do exactly that thanks

Jo4040 Fri 26-Jun-15 20:20:12

My mum has rumatoid (soz CBA checking spellin) arthritis. This happened to her. She had the mother of all water infections. However she had no symptoms of a water infection

redannie118 Sun 28-Jun-15 20:24:28

Ive actually been back to doc who thanks to bloods now thinks I have lupus. Awaiting emergency app with consultant to confirm

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