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Questions about female sterlisation

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Cavy Tue 04-May-04 17:41:37

I know there are other threads, but they don't seem to answer these questions...

1) Some women on MN have said that after sterilisation their periods were much heavier, and more painful. Why? Is there any way to tell if you are more likely to have this side effect?

2) If you do get pregnant after being sterilised... if it fails, I mean -- Are you more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy -- is that what happens, because the tubes are partly missing or too small (squished together?) for fertilised egg to get through?

Cavy Tue 04-May-04 19:12:06

No idea?

lou33 Tue 04-May-04 20:49:57

Can't answer number 2, but my periods have been slightly heavier since, but only on the first day. This has been balanced by them being shorter in length though.

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