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Moominy12 Mon 15-Jun-15 20:20:15

Sending on behalf of mum. Need advice.

6 months ago she had a full hysterectomy, she only went back to work 2 weeks ago as a cleaner and since Saturday has been suffering with pain in her back on the right side. Sort of where your kidney is. I'm trying to get her to get it checked out but she's just dusting it off.

Could this pain be to do with the hysterectomy?

Thymeout Wed 17-Jun-15 19:25:57

Yes - I think it could be connected. I had one 9 months ago. Never any abdo aches or pains, but my back ached whenever I overdid things. Even now, sweeping, raking leaves, makes my sides ache, just behind my waist. It takes a long time for your abdominal muscles to recover and your back has to take all the strain.

I also feel v achey first thing in the mornings. Takes a bit of time to get going. I think that's caused by getting out of condition with not taking much exercise during my recovery.

Cleaning is quite a physical job. Is she right-handed? Even hoovering might be causing the problem. They seem to make a big deal of it in the instructions you get from the hospital.

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