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Numb 'lump' on left breast?!?

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Timri Sun 14-Jun-15 23:48:56

About a week and a half ago it felt like I had some some of insect bite or sting on my left breast, about 2 inches above the nipple. It was itchy and I scratched it loads. It went really red, and bruised and looked pretty much like a love bite. I just assumed I had scratched too hard, but the bruise is still there. It's still quite itchy too.
So today I was looking at it, and have become convinced I can feel a lump.
But I'm not sure, I think maybe I've just convinced myself. I go from 100 percent feeling a lump to feeling nothing.
But what is definite is that where I can feel this 'lump' that small section of my breast feels numb. And I can't feel the 'lump' with my fingers, I can feel it inside my breast.
Does that make sense?
I'm going to make a GP appointment tomorrow, just to get it double checked, just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar.

lucsnowe Sun 14-Jun-15 23:53:41

Try not to worry, and see what the GP says. It could well be a bite, the itchiness makes it sound like one. Also, bites often do seem to have a lump underneath them. And the redness can take ages to go away.

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